24 mai 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 17/05/99 - 23/05/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 17/05/99 - 23/05/99.

The story "Me as a woodman" continues. Four more nights after work, four to five hours every night with the company of flies, mosquitos and falling trees is not the best way to spend your romantic evenings. That's not what I had dreamed of.

So the parade of almost naked flesh continues in the first half of week. It looks like nowadays youth won't go to school at all, they were fooling on the sunny streets and drinking beer in the park.

Friend of mine offered me a eight-days trip in August, two days in Amsterdam plus four in Paris. I think I will go.

Friday I answered at last to the e-mails, people had sent to me within previous two weeks. It is really amazing, how many can find few moments to send me couple of words, images, ideas, information etc. Thank you all! And keep on writing, I will answer, even if it will need a little time.

Saturday I was accidentally watching Viva Zwei where was a special program about the work of Chris Cunningham, video-director. And however most of his works are too dark and even crazy for me, videos for Madonna's "Frozen", Björk's "All is full of love" and Portishead's "Only you" are definitely a top-class. In fact I was in the right mood to declare mr. Cunningham to be the best director and give him Oscar or two.

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