30 august 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 23/08/99 - 29/08/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 23/08/99 - 29/08/99.

Monday was like a bad dream. It started with surprise in the wreck of house (which will cost me additionally about $1400), then I heard that my friend's friend (whom I know too) have tumor in his brain, then I hurted my leg pretty badly and in the end I had to deal with a nice person from one private company who by government was given the right to control one specific field of businesses and he decided that we're breaking the law...

Otherwise routine continued. Tuesday a parcel with catalogs of glass arrived and I discovered that they sent me wrong books, not the ones I ordered.

On Friday my brother was in Tallinn, trying to find solution to that breaking-the-law-thing. Possibly we'll got our temporary licence on next Thursday. The most interesting thing is of course, that nothing will change in our practice, except that this private company will start getting each year a nice little money transfer to their account for one sheet of paper. Officially legal racketing, I say.

Saturday a cute guy came into my working place, waited until we two were alone in room (it took ages, meanwhile I began to think, he's trying to steal something), watched at me for a while and then asked: "You're ancientboy, right? Can I sleep with you?". Straight shot. And I was speechless.

29 august 2009

Üks hää blogilugu...

...millele erinevad inimesed siin-seal juba on viidanud. Olgu siis veelkord ka siin. :)

Noormees ja meri

(NB! Hoolimata pealkirjast on tegu ingliskeelse kirjatükiga.)

27 august 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 16/08/99 - 22/08/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 16/08/99 - 22/08/99.

Routine. All week, except Sunday. 9 AM in post office, sending different materials to our worldwide customers, from 10 AM to 4 PM in job-places, meanwhile short shuttle trips between different companies and our (still) wreck of house, then from 5 PM to 10 PM reading and answering daily business letters and e-mails, completing parcels which I'll send next day, then some time for personal fun and one needs few hours for sleep also!

That killing routine is one of the reasons why I discovered almost a week later that I had forgot to update this Ancientboy's section. Apologies, my dear readers!

As said, Sunday was a bit different and I was invited to my friend's daughters (they're 7 and 9 years old) pre-school party. I don't know why they decided to have such party almost three weeks before school, but that's their life... Anyway, everything was very solid until kids had to go into beds but then grown-ups party in garden-house started. And I (like anybody else) was stupid enough to drink a deadly mix, made from strong rum, gin, whisky, red Cinzano, crushed cranberries and blackberries with sparkling wine and ice - could you imagine? 1 AM we had a improvised striptease, performed by school teacher (she was not only very drunk, she's also very bad stripper - hope she's not reading this), then we had to save one guy from drowning because he decided to sleep in kids pool and in the result we were all wet, meanwhile neighbour's dog found out that we have some lobsters left on the table and he could like these too. So he made a mess on the table, ate something and broke the glasses...

Not so routine after all.

26 august 2009

Homo promo (1993)

Homo promo
Lavastaja: Jenni Olson

Homo promo DVD Tegu ei olegi õigupoolest mingi korraliku filmiga. Lihtsalt Jenni Olson on kokku kogunud ja üksteise järel enam-vähem kronoloogilisse ritta ladunud veerandsada treilerit eelmise sajandi viiekümnendatest seitsmekümnendateni tehtud filmidest, mis vähemal või suuremal määral tegelevad gei-, lesbi- ja/või transuteemaga.

Kümnekonnast filmist (mis küll enamasti lesbi- ja transufilmid) polnud ma tõtt-öelda midagi kuulnudki aga ega nende mittenägemine nüüd endast ilmselt mingit katastroofi ka ei kujuta. Ning mõne filmi puhul (nt. "The boys in the band", "Sunday bloody Sunday" ja usutavasti tobedateks farssideks osutuvad "The Ritz" ja "Norman... Is that you?"), mis mul kusagil küll olemas aga endiselt vaatamata, tuli jälle meelde, et võiks need millalgi ikkagi ju ka masinasse panna.

Kuigi mõned allikad väidavad, et seal peaks olema 27 treilerit (pluss mõned omaaegsed kinos näidatud vahepalad, mida ilmselt pop corn'i müümise ajal kedrati), suutsin mina kokku lugeda täpselt 25 filmi:

1. "I changed my sex" (a.k.a. "Glen or Glenda"), 1953
2. "The third sex" (a.k.a. "Anders als du und ich"), 1957
3. "Victim", 1961
4. "The children's hour", 1961
5. "No way to treat a lady", 1968
6. "The sergeant", 1968
7. "The legend of Lylah Clare", 1968
8. "The killing of sister George", 1968
9. "The fox", 1967
10. "Staircase", 1969
11. "The gay deceivers", 1969
12. "The damned" (a.k.a. "La caduta degli dei"), 1969
13. "Something for everyone", 1970
14. "The boys in the band", 1970
15. "Myra Breckinridge", 1970
16. "The Christine Jorgensen story", 1970
17. "Death in Venice" (a.k.a. "Morte a Venezia"), 1971
18. "Sunday bloody Sunday", 1971
19. "Some of my best friends are...", 1971
20. "Andy Warhol's Heat" (a.k.a. "Heat"), 1972
21. "Andy Warhol's Women in revolt" (a.k.a. "Women in revolt"), 1971
22. "Female trouble", 1974
23. "The Ritz", 1976
24. "Norman... is that you?", 1976
25. "Outrageous!", 1977

Kuna sellist "vaatame üle ja võtame teadmiseks" klipikogumikku hinnata pole eriti võimalik, siis jääb see tegevus siinkohal ära.

25 august 2009

Tsitaat. Geniaalne.

"Ma katsun sest jubedast fopaast nüüd kuidagi üle saada, et ei juhtuks nagu Durrelli raamatus kunstnikuga, kes oli sügavas masenduses ja jõi kaheteistkümnendat aastat, sest tuul oli kunagi ära viinud kirsiõied, mida ta maalida tahtis. "

23 august 2009

Kõige mittesoovitum kirjanik Dan Brown

Brittide "teise ringi" kauba poekett Oxfam (peamiselt kasutatud riiete müügi ning heategevuslike ettevõtmistega tuntuks saanud firma, kes on samaaegselt ka üks kogu Euroopa suurimaid second-hand raamatute müüjaid) avaldas paar edetabelit, millest selgub, et kirjanik, kelle raamatuid britid kõige rohkem Oxfam'i kogumispunktidesse ära annavad, on Vatikani õrritajate kroonimata kuningas Dan Brown.

Loovutatud raamatute autorite tippviisikusse kuuluvad veel (teisest kohast viiendani) John Grisham, Ian Rankin, Danielle Steel ja Helen Fielding.

Muidugi ei ole kõigil neil toredatel inimestel põhjust ka sügavasse masendusse langeda, sest teine edetabel, mis kajastab nimetatud firma poodides enim müüdud raamatuid, on esimesest viienda kohani järgmine: Ian Rankin, Dan Brown, Bernard Cornwell, Stephanie Meyer ja Terry Pratchett.

Tähelepanuväärne on muidugi ka asjaolu, et Vatikani lemmikraamat, kaheldava autorsusega Piibel, ei figureeri kummagi nimekirja esiotsas. Ilmselgelt on see märk sellest, et kusagil struktuurides on kallutatud jõud.

via The Register.

22 august 2009

Neeger sõjaeelses Tallinnas

Vintagepostcards.com on müügile pannud Tallinnas Alex.(ander) Teppor'i poolt ilmselt 1920ndate teisel poolel tehtud foto mustanahalisest jõumehest. Ilmselt on tegu mõne siinsetel rammukatsumisvõistlustel või tsirkustes esinemas käinud tegelasega. Üliharuldane on see foto igal seitsmel juhul.

Neeger sõjaeelses Tallinnas

19 august 2009

Marillion tuleb oma uue plaadi "L = M" tuuriga ka Eestisse

Marillion tour 2009

Kontsert toimub pühapäeval, 8.novembril (ehk siis isadepäeval), uhiuues Nokia Kontserdimajas (s.o. Solarise keskuses, mis asub endise tellistest "paekivist" Sakala platsil "Estonia" vastas) ja pileteid hinnaga 390 kuni 550 krooni saab alates homme hommikust osta kasvõi Piletilevist.

Viimati andis Marillion Eestis kontserdi 1992. aasta Rock Summeril.

P.S. Tallinna nime valesti kirjutamise pärast nad mu käest juba said kolaka, eks näis, kaua see parandamine aega võtab. :)
edit (20. augustil kell 10:33). Selle asemel, et täna hommikul pileteid müüma hakata, on piletilevitajad praeguseks üldse kogu kontserdi info maha võtnud. Koomikud...

edit 2 (22. augustil kell 08:59). Nüüd on Piletilevi Marillioni oma andmebaasidest uuesti üles suutnud leida ning piletite müük tundub toimivat.

16 august 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 09/08/99 - 15/08/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 09/08/99 - 15/08/99.

I need more time. I just discovered that 24 hours in a day is not much, I think I want 40 or so hours...

Whole week (and previous and previous and...) was like on the caroussel - the world is turning round and round, faster and faster and so I can see only a small fragments from this crazy world. And I have to put these together, using my better knowledges. So I do but probably in wrong way because the feeling of sickness goes even stronger.

So, the world survived another fatal day, sun was gone for two minutes, came then surprisingly back and nothing happened, exactly as I had said. Am I now magician?

Renovating of the old house (see some more info about that somewhere below) at last started. Actually demolishing at first. If we're lucky, we can use the main constructions so it would be much easier to destroy whole thing and start from the foundation, but as half of this house is builded more than 200 years ago, destroying something is excluded. I already feel whole thing's becoming a nightmare. Thank heaven I know a man who's job is to fight against nightmares. (Hi, Pierre!)

Met another Estonian guy who found me through this site. He's young Eros himself but his behaviour is unacceptable. In some ways he remains me young Rimbaud, especially the screen-version of this genius, played by Leonardo... But I think, he will never say "Writing has changed me." just because he don't write, he's playing with souls. And he don't want to change. Sadly. But I still have hope, for his own sake.

On Saturday I suddenly found myself walking on the streets and buying a drink from every bar-pub-cafe-whatever which crossed my way. So in the result I was pretty drunk and when I met one of my schoolmates (who was drunk too) we had a major .... err.... difference of opinion. Something about who can sleep with who and so on... So one beerglass was broken and I had to pay for that although this wasn't my fault at all.

Yes, very eclectic week it was indeed.

11 august 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 02/08/99 - 08/08/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 02/08/99 - 08/08/99.

So here I am, late for few days with this update. Here I am, tired and pretty happy because anything was just excellent, almost every small piece from this giant's jigsaw, we were trying to put together during past month, found its right place. Weather was nice and people had huge interest about this event, actually even much more than last year. So next year is possible, however it needs a lot of thinking from our side.

Another hysteria of Armageddon is going on: Grand Cross, Day of Destiny. Personally I don't believe in tragedies, told us by fortunetellers, with the leading role of Nostradamus. But we have less than 48 hours left before another deadline (could anybody remember, how many deadlines manhood had had?), so let's see...

Biggest happening in our family was my mother's flowering cactus. She had had cactuses for almost 30 years and never before any of these had flowers. Never. It was actually funny to see big red and white blossom, twice as long as cactus itself, wondering at brave new world... Sadly this beauty was gone after just day and half.

02 august 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 26/07/99 - 01/08/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 26/07/99 - 01/08/99.

Speed is the word, connecting the last seven days. If you had seen classic movie with the same title, then you know what I mean. Organizing some bigger event (fair of antiques and collectibles this time) would easily turn to personal nightmare, so I promised to myself (how many times I did this before?) to keep my hands off from any happenings in future except perhaps a dinner for two...

So what I had last week? Negotiations, phone calls, hunt for marquees, tables and chairs, solving customer's problems, refusing the kind offer of another way to spend my pennies on advertising (she was very good this time, it needed twenty minutes my time before she left), and more phone calls...

Thursday night I spent some quality time with my friend and his family in their nice garden. I sat under the apple-tree (which remained me of our old sins), not far from fountain in the centre of his small pond. We actually had the very last grill-party of July with excellent meat, beer and talk. And not so excellent phone calls (again!) to both of us, so in the end we switched our phones off. Poor callers!

Friday something mystical happened. Right in the morning I saw a young cute stranger walking down the street. Nothing unusual you say? Yes, but at first he was wearing T-shirt with small pink triangles and rainbow flag. Never before seen these classic gay-symbols on somebody's clothing here in Estonia. And secondly I met with him more five or six times during the day. Every time in different place.

One sad news for the fans of Ancient galleries. Next update will probably be made in the beginning of September. Sorry!

As you can see, I found at least few time to start with re-designing of my page. Although it's more like forming the original ideas I had, when I started with this page, into reality. In addition I want to say Thanks! to another fan of good design, Texas-guy. Without pressure and funny suggestions from his side it wouldn't happen so fast.

And last but not least. Thanks to you all! For your support, questions and feedback so far. Now I am asking something from you. What do you think, should I add a short Estonian gay-guide to my pages or not??