17 mai 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 10/05/99 - 16/05/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 10/05/99 - 16/05/99.

At last spring is here, excellent weather, sunshine, boys in shorts and everything. Plus tourists. Actually a lot of tourists, mostly people from Finland on their Spring Shopping Tour. I met a lot of my "once-in-a-year" customers and I spoke whole day in different languages which was definitely interesting but pretty tiresome, especially after winter-season's quietness...

Monday the counter on my page showed 10499, so I had reached my first goal but saturday I disovered a mess with these numbers. Somehow "Link Exchange Fast Counter" reduced the number from twelve plus thousand to seven plus thousand. When I contacted the company, all they could say was "Yes, we're having some problems, so please fix it yourself." So I did with a creepy thoughts in my mind.

We had our (probably) first own gay-scandal here this week. Young and cute singer Tanel Padar (who won the contest of young talents) was photographed with waiter when they both were holding same knife to make the first cut into winner's cake and the story to the picture was something like: "First gay-wedding??? At last so it seems." Tanel promised to start a trial process against Estonian biggest weekly magazine and ask for public apology and money... Personally I think that it smells like a good PR trick.

Sunday was the day when I had to play a woodman and take care for next winter's firewood. As it was first time after almost a year, so one result of this unusual action was my poor aching body.

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