27 märts 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 20/03/00 - 26/03/00

week 12
20/03/2000 - 26/03/2000.

As said already in previous entry, week and spring both started in Pärnu. Monday night I was back home again only to find out that tiles for the roof were still somewhere on the way (in fact they didn't arrived before Thursday) and the situation pretty much messy. At least parts of new chimney were here and so it was basically possible to do some preparing works.

Tuesday flew by so fast that I can't recall even now what exactly happened then. Wednesday K. started his business-trip abroad for a few days (that I remember) and I irritated my employee (as she's very much into all kind of spiritual things) with phrase
"two spirited". Quoting J. McRee (Mac) Elrod (from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada): "In British Columbia "two spirited" is used by First Nations gays to refer to themselves. They say it has reference to the honoured place gays held in First Nations society before the arrival of Europeans." Interesting indeed.

Thursday I had a sad meeting when I saw one long-time customer of mine after almost a year and realised how much illness can change the people. A human wreck was all which had left from once shiny and proud lady... I felt pity and I felt sorry and I don't know why exactly. Was this because of her helpless condition or because of the fortune-teller's sight she gave me, remembering the mortality of humans. Cruel life. And,
memento mori.

I think, this had such a strong influence on me also because of book I was just finishing at that time, "To a friend who didn't save my life" (or something like that in English) by Hervé Guibert, a very sad documental book about AIDS, life and death.

On Friday I started another book, "Memoirs" by Tennessee Williams and day after day I become envy him more and more, not because of his happy and interesting life but mainly because of his gift of writing. His elegance of putting the words together is simply breathtaking.

On same day a friend of mine visited me at home and, music fan as he is, always checking my CD-s, he discovered a disc he hadn't noticed before and asked me with enthusiasm in his voice: "What's that? I see you're having some new albums!" And I answered: "Oh, that's a collection of songs, performed by one American Gay Choir who visited Tallinn last year..." Before I could finish my short line, the disc was back on shelf, he had an old copy of Q-magazine in his hands and changed the topic of conversation. So it seems, this scandalous disc (a gift from K., by the way) was too hot for his hands :-)

Saturday K. arrived back to Estonia and at last we could have some longer talks again. He did phoned me every day (and night!) during his trip but due to killer-costs these calls were much shorter than I would've like. So I stayed on quiet street in front of my shop on Saturday and enjoyed both the warm sun and my man on the other end of line.

Sunday started with home-war because my family had decided few days before that it's the day to cut the old wood we're having next to our landhouse. So they'd made a decision but didn't remembered mention that to me before Sunday morning. And however I was fighting against it, in the end I'd lost all my arguments and grumpy me sat in the car.

Four hours of hard work gave us a mountain of sawn wood for wintertime and for me personally two painful toes. I got hit with one piece of wood and however luckily all bones are okay, my poor toes have now a dramatic dark-blue colour. No make-up needed when they would like to have a role of monster in some cheap horror-movie.

22 märts 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 13/03/00 - 19/03/00

week 11
13/03/2000 - 19/03/2000.

Just after renovating of one house was completed we probably didn't got enough this madness and decided that we do need to change the roof on another house of ours too, so my bro sealed a contract with company who offered the best price with guarantees for their work and if anything goes smoothly, then after ten days we have another brandnew roof.

Spring is officially here now. The arriving of it itself was actually pretty romantic for me as at that moment I sat with K. in restaurant at Pärnu's Rannahotell and enjoyed my breakfast. There were only two of us in the large room, full of comfortable chairs and coffee-tables and at the exact moment the sun came out from behind the couds. Magical moment.

So I spent the week-end (and almost all Monday too, that's why I'm late again with my diary update and I apologise for that!) in Pärnu, the "summer-capital of Estonia". We had a wonderful room in one of the most beautiful buildings from 1930's, Rannahotell (Beach Hotel). This hotel is located right on the famous beach of Pärnu and however the sea was covered with ice and snow, we saw from our window and balcony the beach-life. Lots and lots of fishermen. Personally I see this as another form of madness because I can't understand why normal people will sit hours on ice, will feel the cold and then come back only because it's becoming dark outside, grumpy and drunk, having nothing in their bags...

But back to Rannahotell. It's now a part of Scandic Hotels and after three days there I can say, it's definitely not only very nice but also a gay-friendly place. Something which is not very common here. We didn't bothered ourselves with another hide-and-seek, so I believe, every single staff-member who saw us, knew about the situation but was very friendly and helpful. We wanted a room with large bed, we got it (as said, this was the largest of "regular" rooms, with individual balcony and nice view to park and sea), we landed in restaurant only thirty minutes before closing and we still got warm food (BTW, there's one damn cute and sexy barman, Andero!), we almost got a chance to keep our room for additional 6 hours after check-out on Monday for free but in the end we still left the hotel at noon. We left, only to start making plans for our next visit in future.

One more interesting adventure happened on my way back to home. K. had left from Pärnu to Tallinn twenty minutes before "my" bus arrived and however it was emty (to my big suprise, not a single person!), at last few more people came and so in the end there was a driver, me, two older men, one lady and one young guy who sat close to me on the back of bus. And then, ca 50 kilometres from my town, old men and lady left the bus, so only we two were left in the bus, covered with darkness of night. One moment his leg was "accidentally" pushing my body and I answered with some moves. Next forty minutes was pure lust, it could be called leg-play. I felt the warmth and strength of his muscles, I felt his scent but he never used his hands and also kept looking straight forward, it was like two different parts of him: legs trying to find some fun, his upper body and mind trying to solve some important but boring problem... So it went on until we arrived to bus-station, then he took his bag and literally ran away from what he had done for more than half an hour. It was weird and it was definitely queer. And I enjoyed that. :)

18 märts 2010


pliiatsid ja muu kontorierootika

14 märts 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 06/03/00 - 12/03/00

week 10
06/03/2000 - 12/03/2000.

"A week - there's nothing more to say..."

Okay, that was actually a great suggestion from K. and I thought seriously that it will be all I'll write about that week but then... well, I decided to add few more lines.

Until Thursday there's really nothing to say. Then I drove to Tallinn, at last, and first thing I saw from bus-window, was my man, standing and waiting for me. Damn, how I wanted to kiss him but had to hold myself back all the way to our apartment, our home for next 4 days. In the end I believe, during these days and nights we spent more hours without clothes than dressed... The climate in that apartment was simply so hot and we also had some gymnastics to do, the one which people mostly do naked.

Friday and Saturday it was second-ever "sex-exhibition" in Tallinn, called officially "Sexpeditsioon 2000". So we paid a visit on Friday and that was a huge disappointment, with few brighter moments like small gallery of works by Tom of Finland and ten-minute show of two cute male dancers who were called "strippers" without any reason, or, if there still was a reason, then they really stripped off their shirts... Nevertheless, even with their pants on, these two were gorgeous. And then there was another boring "pants off" show (idea, stealed from "Full Monty" movie) with four drunk Finnish men, one with broken leg or something (his leg was in plaster anyway), two fat guys and one with "boy-next-door-look". So they did a "show" where the main idea was not fall off from stage (because of vodka in their bodies) and flash with their dicks for a second. Do they really call such exhibition sexy???

Sunday we (K. and me) walked on the town and in one building noticed one damn hot security guy. His pose, look and speech were so provocative that we both probably were ready to give a lot to spend some good time with that guy. Sadly he was in service.

And then I had to leave K. again. For only 5 days this time (because next week-end we'll hope to enjoy our life in Pärnu) but I began missing him almost immediately as I sat into the bus. So we phoned to each other during my drive millions of times and earned cash into the pockets of fat cats from Estonian Mobile Phone.

What else? Work with another website project began (there's nothing to publish yet), I fixed one dead link in my page (thanks & credits to K.!), and some questions were answered online.

10 märts 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 28/02/00 - 05/03/00

week 9
28/02/2000 - 05/03/2000.

Now the winter came... At last it seems that Weatherlords somewhere up there have been totally drunk during all the last months, woke up only few days ago with a terrible hangover and to their horror discovered that all the boxes are still full of snow. So in panic they threw it all overboard and now their ship can sail in peace. But we, the people down here, have to deal with that snow, water, wind and storms.

Last week, after endless paperworks, our renovated house was called finished (however we still have some minor works to do there) by selection of high officials from town council and in our "Yumbo" (the name, given by K.; probably because it's actually the smallest building in our old town :-) a shop was officially open. Shoes, boots, clocks and watches. Funny combination but who cares as long as they're paying rent. :)

Had yesterday weird argument with one of my customer. When she discovered that I have a painting (oil on wood) for sale which cost about ten times more than another, she declared that I definitely should have had some mess with prices because oil painting on canvas IS much more valuable than oil painting on wood. I have to say that this was such a new point of view for me that I was speechless for a while. Luckily, after some fifteen minutes of stupid argumentations, I was saved by idea to serve Leonardo's "Mona Lisa" as an example and to my big relief she knew too that "Gioconda" is painted on wood and this fact made her thinking. Of course she didn't declared her mistake in public but then the phone rang (guess who? :-) and she left, taking her husband (who was bored to death) with her.

It has been a week of patience and I can now honestly say, I'm not good at this anymore, not at all. I had to be patient for more than one reason but the worst was being away from K. Everyday phonecalls are definitely not the same as / ... khmmm... watchdogs of morality had delete something from here again... / and I have still four nights to wait before I'll go to Tallinn for a while. Pure Hitchcock!

09 märts 2010

Kes ütles, et sokke peab jalas kandma?

Where the Wild Thing are - postrid

Moeka riidekauba müüja Deleye teab Belgias täpselt, kuidas sokke reklaamima peab. :)

03 märts 2010

Where the Wild Things are (2009)

Where the Wild Things are (Kus metsikud end peidavad) (2009)
Lavastaja: Spike Jonze

Where the Wild Things are plakat Max on üks väga elava fantaasiaga ning maailma ebaõiglust natuke liiga sügavalt hinge võttev poiss, kellel ilmselt just tänu sellele on kalduvus mõningasele vägivaldsusele. Ühel õhtul kui tal kodustega järekordne tähelepanupuudusest tingitud kokkupõrge on, jookseb poiss minema, leiab mere äärest väikese purjepaadi ning purjetab maailma otsa. Või no vähemalt kuhugi sinnapoole, sest peale lagedal merel tormi kätte sattumist näeb ta lõpuks kauguses maa kontuure ning hiljem ka seal põlevat lõket. Peale randumist tule ja soojuse poole roniv, külmast ja märjast lõdisev poiss leiab puude vahelt eest kummalised hiiglased, kes parajasti lõhuvad igaveste pirakate herilaspesade moodi kerasid.

Järgneva tutvumistseremoonia käigus õnnestub Maxil napilt pääseda ärasöömisest ning veidi hiljem laseb ta end juba hiiglaste kuningaks kroonida, lubades lahendada nende omavahelised suheteprobleemid, tagada kõigile turvalisus ning kaotada oma kuningriigis kurbus. Max võidab jäägitult ühe Caroli-nimelise eluka (kes võiks oma temperamendilt ning käitumiselt vabalt olla poisi kaksikvend) südame, kes algul kaitseb Maxi teiste eest kuid lõpuks hakkab kuninga tegevus tekitama kahtlusi nii Carolis kui ka teistes Wild Things'ides. Tegelikult isegi ka Maxis endas, kes leiab endalegi ootamatult, et kergekäeliselt antud lubadusi ei ole üldsegi nii kerge täita.

Maurice Sendak - Seal, kus elavad metsakollid - raamat Film põhineb järjekordsel üleilmsel kultusraamatul (autoriks Maurice Sendak), mis meil küll kaunikesti tundmatu. Kuigi see 1989.a. kirjastuses "Eesti Raamat" isegi ilmus, nime all "Seal, kus elavad metsakollid." Muidugi ei saadud ka siin läbi ilma filmi jaoks lugu ringi kirjutamata aga ma kipun arvama, et need muudatused tulid isegi kasuks. Eksole, purjetamine kusagil silmapiiri taga asuvasse omapäraste asukatega maailma mõjub realistlikumalt kui lihtsalt voodist välja kasvama hakkav mets.

Ah, mis ma ikka siin kirjutan kui (peaaegu) kõik ja palju paremini on juba kirjas siinses arvustuses. Mul jääb üle vaid alla kirjutada.

Niipalju ometigi veel, et The Jim Henson Company mehed ja naised, kes metsakollid päriselt valmis meisterdasid, on ära teeninud kõikvõimalikud kiidusõnad! See kamp juba teab, kuidas kõikvõimalikke arvutiväliseid elukaid elama panna. Kuigi jah, võtetel tekkinud probleemide tõttu (kostüümide pead osutusid näitlejatele kandmiseks liiga raskeks ja nii eemaldati sealt näiteks kaalukas kaugjuhitavate silmade süsteem ning muidki näoilmeid esile manavaid tehnilisi vidinaid) on enamik filmis nähtavat miimikat siiski arvutis valmis nikerdatud...


Where the Wild Thing are - postrid

Igor (2008)

Lavastaja: Anthony Leondis

Igor plakat See on klassikalise õudusloo pea peale keeratud koomiline versioon ühest Igorist, hullu teadlase küürakast abilisest, kes tahab lõhkuda iidsete aegade traditsiooni ning hoopis ise leiutajaks saada. Kuna filmi kangelase peremees on lisaks hullusele veel ka rumalalt põikpäine, siis tekib Igoril olude sunnil peagi ka võimalus oma oskused proovile panna. Tõsi, kuigi geniaalsust on kutis rohkem kui küll, kuluvad talle oma ristiretkel ometigi marjaks ära ka mõned ustavad abilised. Neist üks on Igori poolt purki kängitsetud Brian/Brain, kes kujutab ette, et ta on vähemalt sama geniaalne kui Einstein (tegelikkus on, nagu sageli, diametraalselt vastupidine) ning teine on Scamper, kes vähemalt filmi alguses upub depressiivsusesse (võimalik, et ta teeb selles silmad ette koguni robot Marvinile endale), on veendunud, et elu on absoluutselt mõttetu ning sooritab lõputult enesetappe. Konks on selles, et Igor on teinud ta surematuks ja ükskõik mida ning kuidas ta elust lahkumiseks katsetab, lõpeb see tagajärjetult.

No ja siis jõuab Igori kodumaal kätte iga-aastane hullude teadlaste mõõduvõtmine, kuhu Igor meisterdab oma endise ülemuse nime kattevarjus kurja monstrumi. Asjad lähevad aga veidi nihu ning kogu maailma terroriseeriva hirmsa hiiglase asemel tuleb laborist välja hoopis üks näitekunstist huvituv õrnahingeline tütarlaps...

Üks viimaste aastate lahedamaid multikaid.


Igor - DVD

01 märts 2010

Road trip: Beer pong (2009)

Road trip: Beer pong
Lavastaja: Steve Rash

plakatid ja DVD Beer pong on joogimäng, mille mängimiseks on tavaliselt vaja vähemalt kahte võistkonda (kummaski kaks mängijat), hunnikut plasttopse ning pinksipalle ja loomulikult liitrite kaupa õlut. Iseenesest üsna tobe (kuigi juba teatud staadiumisse jõudnud läbu ajal kindlasti väga intrigeeriv) mäng, millega tegelevad ka selle filmi peategelased. Need kutid on erinevalt tavamängijaist muidugi profid ja seega lähevad nad lõpuks oma kolledžit esindama lausa meistrivõistlustele.

Samal ajal on poistel aga vaja ju ka tibisid taga ajada ning seikluste hulka, millesse nad satuvad, on nende vahistamine märuliagentide poolt kui nad parajasti ühe india printsi juurest sponsorlust välja lunivad, takso varastamine, sattumine püstolikangelanna otsa ning lõpuks neitsina abielluda tõotanud neiude transpordivahendisse sattumine. Ei saada üle ka traditsioonilisest homoteemast, seekord on selleks siis noorte lesbide pidu. Ahjaa, ja kõige peamisem tegelane laulab filmis ka oma kallimale loodud laulu, mis on kaunis kohutav ja mida võib ära kannatada vaid seetõttu, et kutt esitab seda vaid kitarrist koosnevas kostüümis. No ja õnneks oli see laul ka lühike...

Äärmiselt tobe otse-videosse filmike, mis ei ole isegi mitte naljakas. Ilmselt on sihtgrupiks võetud 10-12 aastased poisijõmpsikad, kes ehk veel suudavad vaimustuda mõnel korral ekraani täitvatest prinkidest rindadest, mis üsna kergesti tüdrukute särkidest välja vupsavad. No ja paari paljast tagumikku näidatakse kah. Ometigi jääb sellest kõigest mõnevõrra väheseks.

Taaskord tahaks hindeks panna selle Ekspressi kunagise telekava piktogrammi, mis kujutas tooliga ümber kukkuvat vaatajat.