20 september 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 13/09/99 - 19/09/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 13/09/99 - 19/09/99.

A week, full of nothing. Only brighter moment was a week-end when I was on my way back home from Pärnu and met accidentally good old friend of mine. He came back from Tallinn where he had some business conference and to my big surprise he had one of his bloodiest enemies in his car. I happen to know both of them and I had listened plenty of monologues about how bad other is plus more of that kind stories, they have against each other. And now they were like lovebirds on the wire, drinking coffee and having very sweet conversation...

This gave me a push to think about the "keep smiling" attitude. I am not very sure that this part of our civilization is something we have to be proud of. You have a nice talk with somebody and as soon as you turn your back, he or she might use the knife.

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