16 september 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 06/09/99 - 12/09/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 06/09/99 - 12/09/99.

Peaceful week. For me, at least. I discovered again how much I am into music of eighties. (Right now Ken Laszlo's "Hey hey guy" is playing.) It is amazing how teenage years can have effect on one's future life. And thanks to these influences I am satisfied with music of last months and massive come-back of heroes from the past. They'd deserved every penny they earned.

Also I realized how fragile is our cyberworld. In the middle of the week I got an e-mail from a friend who asked about my health because I hadn't answered to his urgent e-mail. Well, but I never got it! It seems that either Geocities or my own ISP had lost it, so all the Internet gurus who speak that e-mails simply cannot lost, are liars or uncompetent. And even if this e-mail is flowing around somewhere in the cosy depth of our blue cyberspace, that knowledge won't help me at all, I need my information. So, everyone who had wrote me, sent e-mail or fill my form and I didn't answered so far, please repeat your message. Because for today I had sent out answers to every person who's e-mail I've received.

Another mess was with XOOM who closed my site without any notice. When I asked about explanation, all they could say was that they probably had some minor technical problems. Probably... Again, humans against machines. Or vice versa.

Some other things happened what gave food for thoughts. Thatboy's site has not been updated within two weeks, one great man from Canada disappeared from sight, another guy from Amsterdam had to cancel his already booked autumn-trip to Estonia and St.Petersburg... Ironic, isn't it? I couldn't go to gay-capital and he can't come here, at least not this year.

Saw a good friend who had fresh scar on his forehead. His story was so simple and disgusting that I have no words. It was about midnight in Tallinn, our great and safe capital, and he was going home. Walking. Few metres before his door he discovered that somebody's following him. As he turned and saw three men, he was hit...

Walking in Tallinn is dangerous, driving (with) taxi in Tallinn is dangerous, walking in Tallinn's night, especially when you're drunk and don't know the city, is suicide. In fact nobody is dealing with crimes there, all They do, is barking how good They are, spending taxpayer's money for their own sake and whining that not electing Them for next period would be disaster for whole country. They're nothing but shit! And anarchy is in town.

Have to finish with some brighter tunes. Met this week a man who collects ... his own experiences. He have four handwritten catalogues about these and he tries to experience as many different situations as possible. As he said: "I am too old for starting some other collection." He's 72. And he already tried bungee and he's planning jump with parachute. He's the man!

Now playing: Freddie Mercury's "My love is dangerous".

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