26 juuli 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 19/07/99 - 25/07/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 19/07/99 - 25/07/99.

Oh was this a boring-boring week. Usual routine from Monday to Friday, then quick trip to Viljandi and back on Sunday morning. The result of this week was that I missed most of folk festival, spent far too much money on things I probably won't need at all, declared to my friend that it's now war between us (however I cleared this thing up next morning, so I'm not wearing iron anymore) and last but not least, my bank refused to issue credit card for me. So I have to live on with my VISA Electron and Maestro/Cirrus cards.

(For explanation. In Estonia we have actually two banks left after all these financial crisises here and these two will do whatever they want. They decide that it would be excellent to give people cheap loans and two months later the situation is changed and poor people have to pay back much more than they agreed; they think that my income 700-800 dollars per month isn't good for them and they won't give me credit card, however I asked for card with limit only $350 per month and offered them pawn. They don't care that I might need credit card for my business and without it I wouldn't receive more money and I have nothing to keep in bank... Sorry for that whining but I'm really pissed off.)

The bright side of this week was enormous amount of e-mails, I'd received. Total amount was 53 (from 32 unique users) and I was pretty busy with writing answers. It's interesting fact actually because I checked my counter and didn't noticed much more visits than my usual 200-300 per day, perhaps people had become just more active?

Anyway, I truly appreciate your writings, keep them coming. Thank you all and this week's special thanks goes to Normand (for his long hug), Mari (she makes best chicken-sandwich in whole world!)* and Pierre (for his story of him playing flute once...)!

* On täiesti tähelepanuväärne, mismoodi ajalugu ringiratast käib. Kuigi SELLE Mariga on mul tänaseks kontakt kadunud, kordus see maailma parima kanasalatiga sändvitši lugu kümme aastat hiljem (s.o. siis tänavu) ühe teise Mariga, kes nüüdseks küll juba samuti suurde linna suurt tarkust taga nõudma on tõtanud. :)

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