19 juuli 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 12/07/99 - 18/07/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 12/07/99 - 18/07/99.

The heat. As somebody said in Estonian sci-fi mailing list, it's too hot even for killing people, no matter what Ray Bradbury ever had wrote. Most of the week our temperature was higher than on Canary Islands or Morocco which locate five thousand kilometers to south from us, so I can't imagine why the hell I traveled last year so far... Shouldn't we really have the button where we could turn the sun off for a while?

Thursday I had meeting with my architect (remember that house which needs renovating?) and now I have some important and unnecessary papers in my hands. After transfering a lot of money to his account of course. So I can't say anymore that nothing's moving.

On Friday one old lady offered me a good old painting by well-known Russian painter Nikolai Petrovitsh Bogdanov-Belski for only about 2000 dollars (usually the prices of his similar works in galleries are between 3000-5000 USD). However the picture was just lovely and in excellent condition (as good as a 97 years old oil painting could ever be) and I really wanted this, I couldn't buy this because I have to save money for house renovating. Damn!

I had no idea that our small town could handle with such a number of tourists. Saturday was the whole day like a crusade, shops were open from 10.00 to 20.30 (normally from 11 to 15) and all the time people were busy watching-trying-asking-buying...

From next Friday to Sunday I'll be in Viljandi where this year's Festival of folk music will take place (Viljandi Folk '99, their official webpage is at http://www.folk.ee/). However I am not absolutely nuts about folk music, I like this festival because of it's different mood and feeling. Some sort of other reality, filled with magical freedom. And they do have some very good artists indeed. Both locally and internationally known. So few examples: Wimme Saari, "Hedningarna", "Hoven Droven" and many others.

Oh and this week I met the guy at last. The guy who previously had canceled two meetings. He's nice and we spent our time together with beer and laugh but as he specifically asked me not to write details about our date, I stop here. Sorry!

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