12 juuli 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 05/07/99 - 11/07/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 05/07/99 - 11/07/99.

If a week before my nights were filled with writing and answering, then last seven days passed by in other way, with only 10-20 messages each day. Probably everybody is spending their summer (winter?) vacations.

Same is here. Streams of tourism hit our nice small town day by day and night by night, without any break. And however this is good as they all bring money with them and left a lot of small colourful pieces of paper, decorated with numbers and pics of dead persons, I sometimes think (usually after 10-12 hours in service), is this really worth it?

The guy who didn't arrived two weeks ago, did it again. Which means that after we'd agreed new meeting place and time, he sent a message to my phone with apologies and promises to explain his behaviour via e-mail. So it's almost 72 hours ago for now and his e-mail is still on the way, it looks like I really have to be patient...

Nevertheless is was a week, filled with fun. On Tuesday I had with my aunt and her husband a luxurious dinner in a national restaurant. The meal was delicious and so was my beer. My relatives ordered 4 cl of brandy for two but after three hours they both were drunk and glasses still full of brandy. And however bartender looked surprised, the secret was simple: they just had bought a bottle from shop before and took this with them. So we were poor cheaters that night, I suppose.

Thursday was a night-off for me, so my brother was busy with driving the car and showing them some interesting places in neighbourhood. I spent the evening with trying to organize my business papers but I left this nice idea after three hours of indecent swearing. Should I really hire a bookkeeper at last?

Wednesday night was time for another grill-party in our landhouse's garden. At first we remembered to buy a meat and some other important products (as beer, a lot of strong beer actually!) but we totally forgot about salad. Which concluded to our second shop-trip where we filled our baskets with tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes and other green and fresh plants. Just arriving, my bother discovered that we're out of charcoal and I had once more to drive about ten miles to shop and then back. I am sure that all this mess gave a good opportunity for my dear relatives to talk about "things".

Friday they (my aunt and husband) left and for a whole four or so hours it was a weird empty feeling. Then I saw my long-time friend (and a guy next door) coming back from Roskilde Festival in Denmark and I felt life going on.

P.S. The end of this week, Friday to Sunday, my ISP's mail-server was down, so it's possible, I didn't received all my post. If anybody sent me some e-mails on these days, please repeat your messages.

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