31 jaanuar 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 24/01/00 - 30/01/00

week 4
24/01/2000 - 30/01/2000.

As I had decided not to worry about upcoming travelling, I did literally nothing to prepare myself for this and so I had nice everyday routine during Monday. In fact I also laughed then about my future roommate in Spain who had troubles selecting the right clothes and everything... But then, on Tuesday I suddenly realised how many things I have to do before leaving and whole day ran through the city only to find out that everything I need, is sold out. In the end (as I noticed in our hotel in Playa del Ingles), I had forgot to pack some important things (like socks and condoms for example) into my bag and so I had to borrow these from my travelmate K. And these were not the last things I borrowed from him...

Wednesday I travelled with bus to Tallinn and after few minutes of waiting there, K. came and we drove to his working place, a nice big house in the heart of our capital. After a cup of marvellous lemon-tea and watching some new gay-mags, we had a lunch in one of countless cellar-restaurants of old town and then it was already time to harbour where our ferry left Tallinn at 6 PM.

I personally find ferries boring, there's not much to do and so we spent our time with some windowshopping at tax-free shops and drinking cava in our cabin, we had to prepare ourselves for Spain after all! Ferry was in Helsinki, Finland after few hours but as our plane was only in the early morning, we spent the night in ferry. 6 AM next day the gates were opened specially for two of us, we met sleepy borderguards who decided in the end that we're not members of Russian mafia or hookers and let us go through. Once outside, we took a cab to Vantaa airport and arrived just in time. Which doesn't mean that plane was in time. Thanks to some mumbling there our plane was few minutes late from our schedule and that caused a 25-minutes delay before our takeoff. It was Britannia's plane this time, a Boeing 757, specially re-designed for charter flights which means of course that I didn't had much space to feel myself comfortably.

/ Censored portion of text about flying over Paris, watching the Eiffel tower from the height of 11+ kilometres, what happened then in the plane and about elderly lady next to us :) / *

We were even more late because of strong winds in Scandinavia and we landed in Fuerteventura some 35-40 minutes later than planned. Some passengers began their vacation on that island and we had to fly after 30 minutes to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria but then they realised that one traveller is missing. No-one knew his/her name and we waited for ages (almost a hour) for that mysterious person before we followed our flight. Without the missed man/woman. So in the end we were about 2 hours late from our flight schedule and had spent in plane (or Fuerteventura's airport) ca 10 hours. Like a flight to Thailand!

*On asju, millest ma kümme aastat tagasi rahulikult kirjutasin aga mida ma praegusel ajahetkel ei pea vajalikuks uuesti avalikkuse ette lasta. Lõppude lõpuks ei saa meie kollasele pressile ka liiga palju konte hambusse anda. :)

Ja veel nii lisamärkuse korras. Mehest, kellega ma sel nädalal kümme aastat tagasi peale mitme kuu pikkust võrgusuhtlust esimest korda vis-à-vis kohtusin ja kellega me koos Kanaaridele lendasime mõttega raha kokku hoida (ehk et mitte ühese toa lisatasu maksta, sest mingi suvalise ja absoluutselt tundmatu tegelasega ma keeldun ühes toas elamast) olla lihtsalt toakaaslased, sai kõigi osapoolte jaoks üksjagu ootamatult mu kaasa. Ütle siis veel, et internet pole real thing... :)

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