04 jaanuar 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 27/12/99 - 02/01/00

week 52
27/12/1999 - 02/01/2000.

"So here I am once more, in the playground of the broken hearts, one more experience, one more entry in a diary, self penned..."

Actually I wanted to start my very first entry (which was written months ago) in this online diary of mine with these very first lines of first song of first album of Marillion but somehow I changed my mind, probably because of this "once more" part. Today I don't feel myself being "in the playground of broken hearts" anymore but I couldn't resist using this quote here, in my first entry of (though mathematically not correct) 3rd Millennium. So this is now celebrated and done which makes me hope that whole madness is finally over!

I've been asked what jumps up in first place if I think of last week? It's funny but true, your e-mails were something which I won't forget. Actually there was so many of these (126 e-mails from 97 different people during last 24 hours of 1999!!!) that I'm still shocked. As Jon suggested, we could already make a good fan-club :-) Anyway, I spent happy hours (yes, I also had with me some glasses of whiskey, a Christmas gift from one great Estonian guy) reading all these and now I will need some more days to answer to everybody. As said sometimes earlier, I may be late but I'll try to write my replies as quick as possible.

Other things. My brother decided that he wants a nice little piglet to crown our table on such important occasion. Well, we other agreed and so it was, we had six kilos of damn expensive roasted meat on our holiday table and one by one we found that whole thing was a big mistake... Which left my poor brother to be the only one who had to eat this "thing", in fact he's still not finished with that.

I discovered to my big surprise that Spanish wine could also be bad... I bought a bottle of Spanish red wine which first time ever was pure horror and was straightly watered down.

Friday morning I had last business trip of last year, driving ca 100 kilometres and preparing some items for the future. Then I came back to town, occasionally met two friends and we had a short talk with glass of Carolans (clone of Bailey's) after what I already had to go to dinner with my family. Then I watched some TV and about 1800 seconds before midnight I left the town and went to our landhouse. I had a book with me ('Pet Shop Boys, Literally' by Chris Heath) and spent the last minutes of 1999 and some first hours of 2000 reading this.

In case if I haven't said it before, I don't like the end of year and the period from Christmas to first days of January is lost time for me. That's why I wasn't on some fancy party or simply drinking my mind off, I prefered to be on my own and spend the time in my own way. See, how weird I am!

Thankfully we didn't experienced any troubles with Y2K problem, except some funny ones. So I found an Estonian website which proudly declares that we're living in year 100 (yes, one hundred!), another site (which was countdowning to 2000) announced shyly on 2nd January that countdown failed and whole thing was a major error after all...

So here we are... Year 2000 is here and real, we've overlived another end of world which gives me new hope in mankind. As I used to say in my personal e-mails: Have a neverending best days of your lives, starting right now!

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