10 jaanuar 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 03/01/00 - 09/01/00

week 52
03/01/2000 - 09/01/2000.

Is this the Nordic winter? It's +5 degrees by Celsius outside and it's raining, in the middle of January. Unbelievable!

I discovered on Monday how tired people simply were of that commercial Millennium stuff and how happily they're jumped back into their everyday routine, so no-one seemed to talk much of New Year, conversation topics were strictly something opposite. For example I had to have a small speech on one meeting because a group of Swedish collectors wanted to know more about Estonian glass-factories.

Second day of week passed by so fast that I almost could miss this one, anyway in the evening I was still thinking that it's Monday and when my brother corrected me, I truly was surprised.

Next two days I came home early and sat many hours, tapping on my PC, answering most of unanswered e-mails. This pleasurable job was finished to the end of week but meanwhile I had another weird meeting on Friday. I was going to the bookstore and was walking on the street when somebody hit me lightly. I raised my eyes and looked for that hooligan but none of the people near me seemed to do this, so I continued my way. Some fifteen minutes later, back from store, I walked slowly by the small streets when somebody called me by name. When I turned around, there was some young woman, laughing, she approached to me and tried to grab my balls. She was totally drunk... Nevertheless I don't understand why it's always me who have to meet all the possible freaks in the world! And for some reason I have the feeling that she hitted me before too.

Weekend was a lazy one. Saturday I was in shop, mostly on my own but also I had again a very nice conversation with one Baltic-German Baron who spent with his 3rd wife their Christmas holiday in Estonia again, first time after he had to leave his home here almost 50 years ago. In fact he offered me a job in their Italian landhouse but I refused thankfully. Even if they were serious, housekeeping is not my cup of tea.

Sunday I recorded few CD-Rom discs for myself, collecting a bunch of songs from the albums where I like only one or two songs and putting these "good songs" together onto three discs. Also I scanned few intriguing pics from one vintage "porn-magazine", I will post these in nearer future to newsgroups.

And during whole week was a pain in the ass my new modem which still won't work properly, sometimes it's freezing for minutes, sometimes not connecting with my ISP at all and basically is only spending my money.

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