24 jaanuar 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 17/01/00 - 23/01/00

week 3
17/01/2000 - 23/01/2000.

Monday was covered perfectly in my previous entry, Tuesday morning I spent few hours in my shop and then decided to go home, so I did and fell in sleep. In the middle of day. Only excuse could be my lifestyle (staying up all nights) and so I slept for hours... Next two days were grey ones again but on Friday (again that Friday!) around midday I heard a noise and crying outside on the street and there were two women, having a serious fight, both rolling in the dirt, grease and melted snow, it was like mudwrestling but they were much more aggressive. However soon three men came and separated them. Later I heard from one lady (she's very valuable source of information, living in same house where's my shop) that these women were fighting for man, one's husband and other's lover and most ironic fact that they're sisters...

Weekend was lazy one. As at last snow came down, I had very boring day in shop on Saturday, all the people seemed to freeze in their homes. Most of Sunday I was watching two blue screens, my PC and TV.

About next week. As I'm having a weekly trip, starting Wednesday, to some warmer place (okay, it's Playa del Ingles again), next update will be made after two weeks. Also hopefully another story will be added soon into Travel stories section. So far, enjoy your own life!

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