09 veebruar 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 31/01/00 - 06/02/00

week 5
31/01/2000 - 06/02/2000.

I won't write on this page much about actual vacation in Playa del Ingles, story about these seven days will appear on my Travel stories page, together with pictures of some real cute table-dancers and other pieces of nightlife. This story here starts from Thursday again when we had our plane back to Finland. It was abnormal heatwave that day on Gran Canaria, +36 by Celsius and it was really pity to leave that beautiful island. But it was nothing to do. This time the plane was late only for 35 minutes and took the course to Madeira at first and then to European mainland. The plane's staff offered more eyecandy than last time because of two damn cute flight attendants (to be honest, the service was on both flights excellent, only week before there was no cute stewards, only stewardesses) and one Norwegian guy (however he seemed to be a bit tired) was exactly the one I may fall in love with...

K. (shameless as he is :-) found soon a good trick and ... / Censored portion of text about warmth and pulsating bodyparts of steward and what happened in the aisle. /

Back in Vantaa (after midnight, so it was Friday already) we experienced again the suspicious mind of Finnish borderguards, we waited for ages before they dealed with one Latvian family and it became our turn. We got the last free cab to our booked hotel and were there in minutes. Then, after check-in and moving our bags into our room on 6th floor, we decided to go back to the reception and took some papers with us to read and get informed what had happened during the past week but when we were back down on the ground floor, elevator's door remained closed. So, we were stucked in lift, at 2 o'clock in the night. I saw during glass windows the boy (cutie again!) from reception running in panic around the lift and calling to somebody but then, after few minutes, the doors decided to open and leave us out. Back to our room everything worked properly and we laughed about the whole situation.

In room we reorganised a bit of furniture, moved the beds together and found better place for chairs. I tried to turn the TV in but was unsuccessful, so K. could show his masculinity and push the right button at the right time. Oh boy, was he proud! :-) Anyway, we made some coffee and tea, drank also the bottle of red wine (last bottle of cheap but good wine!), bought from plane and fell asleep. First things in the morning were whining about worst weather we'd seen for ages...

/ Censored. /

Around midday we were droven back to airport and we took the short, 25 minute flight to Tallinn, we were late again (and personally for me that wasn't the last time) no matter that plane was empty, only ten passengers, including us. Back in Tallinn I discovered that instead of hours in bus I can later take another flight to my hometown and so I bought a ticket, we drove for few hours to... / Censored part again, it seems to become very censored diary indeed. /

Plane to home was late of course, so I arrived 15 minutes later and my brother who was waiting for me, was pretty unsure, am I arriving after all or should he leave the airport. Back at home it was a pure horror when I realised how many e-mails I have to answer and other things to do. So basically all Saturday and Sunday was spent with these actions and it seems that I will have some work to do also on first days of next week before everything's become normal. But that was a hell of a good vacation!

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