14 veebruar 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 07/02/00 - 13/02/00

week 6
07/02/2000 - 13/02/2000.

Week started with finishing some jobs which were been on halfway for ages, also I continued to clear things and minor business problems which had happened during my vacation period. All this was done by Wednesday and life turned back to more or less normal.

During whole week we had additional negotiations with the company who will rent our small "renovated house" (it's turning to some kind of joke after all, the story of renovating this tiny one) for the next 5 years and these were not the easiest negotiations I've had. Plus things were worse because all the time I missed the sun and cuties and wine and God only knows what else.

Anyway, somewhere in the middle of week we decided with K. (using zillions of e-mails and SMS-messages from one phone to another, not mentioning the endless phonecalls itselves :-) that we should try to make some conclusion of these happy days on Canary Islands (BTW, the story about that vacation is over the corner, I have to scan some images and write some more text, so it will appear soon) and I asked him to come for a weekend to my town. He agreed.

Saturday morning he was here, first time after 15 years in my hometown and wondering, do we have anything else in our town than hotels, guesthouses and shops... In fact we do. Oh well, he has taken 3 large bags with him, only because I had requested so in one moment of deep and shining humour of mine, that kind of humour that not many usually understands or accepts but a praise goes to K., he's getting it all the time and all the time he's also biting back, exactly in a way I like.

As I had to be working for more 2 hours after his arriving, these hours seemed to be centuries, however we had decent conversations, planned our future trip to Helsinki, talked about weather and when possible, used a bit of our hands and lips. It began indeed to remain the feeling of Playa del Ingles, if not to count the snow outside of course.

After my workhours I checked us into one three-star hotel, close to my place, we bought two bottles of same wine we used to drink on Gran Canaria and fell in bed. It was around 3 PM. We probably were sleepy :-) Six hours later was a dressing routine, then we spent a hour or so in restaurant and went straight back to hotel with two new bottles of red wine and some chocolate. Followed by prompt undressing and bed again.

Actually we spent in bed so many time that we were late for check-out on Sunday but as the hotel was pretty empty anyway, I thankfully didn't had to pay any fine. So we were using the few left hours before it was time for K. to bus, simply by walking in the city and visiting some tourist destinations. It was the good time and I truly enjoyed this week-end. In fact, if such life continues, I may start to believe that life could be beautiful and fair nevertheless.

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