29 november 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 22/11/99 - 28/11/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 22/11/99 - 28/11/99.

Christmas-mania is growing. Shops started with their aggressive campaigns, Santas are everywhere (they don't seem to be worried of the fact that here's no snow) and town council (with a bashfulness in the voice of their spokeswoman...) asked companies donate some money to illuminate the town.

It's incredible how many people wants to get rid of old stuff, partly because they want to have nice Christmas and need money for that, partly because it's just another end-of-year hysteria (and this time it's actually end-of-millennium crazyness) and they want to sell everything they think that they don't need anymore. Never. Which means that we have very busy days with driving around and answering the phones. Or in opposite way. This circle seems have no end right now.

Search of apartment is stopped for a while. I hope to start with this in January again.

Saturday I took a "night off" and spent some pleasurable hours with two old friends. In the end, when we were pretty drunk and whole sinful world was backbited by us, doorbell rang and neighbour lady asked us immediately turn off the radio. Before she calls for the police. The beauty of game was that we hadn't any radio playing, the loud music came from another flat...

Whole Sunday I was in front of my computer and recorded music from old cassettes to PC and then, after cleaning (as much as my amateur programs did it) of sound, straight to CD. Slave's job! Why they can't issue every album on CD? I would buy these "out of print" albums.

Another date. Eight years ago Freddie Mercury died and eight years I have lived without cigarettes.

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