06 detsember 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 29/11/99 - 05/12/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 29/11/99 - 05/12/99.

It started with a storm and Monday's night was like back in stone-age: without lights, fridge, telephone, heat, anything which needs electricity. In the end our power lines were down for more than 7 hours, some villages get their lights back after two days. And they say, we're ready for Y2K...

Heavenly boys continued their work on Tuesday, blowing over the trees, trying to rise some roofs up to the sky and giving free flying lessons to humans and our dog.

Thursday I had a weird meeting. When I was standing in store and tried to decide, do I want apples or oranges, I noticed him staring at me from the distance. I had a strange feeling that I should know him but couldn't remember, from where or why it's so important. Next time I saw him again, was after twenty minutes in another store, and then after more fifteen or so minutes at town's market. I decided to gave him a chance to contact me but he just walked by, throwing a glance from his big innocent eyes. Now I'm thinking, was he really following me or am I simply lunatic. In fact whole situation was a bit like illustration to Pier Paolo Pasolini's "Teorema".

End of week was pretty busy, Saturday in Pärnu and Sunday in Tallinn. Sometimes I really hate these business trips, especially when I have to drive on the roads which looks (and not only looks!) like coming straight from glacial ages.

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