24 november 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 15/11/99 - 21/11/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 15/11/99 - 21/11/99.

I should never again whine about boring life... From the other hand, my bed probably felt itself bit lonely because each day I spent there only a very few hours. Ironically I have nothing to show as a result of last week's work, so all this fuss seems meaningless.

Had meeting with two other real estate dealers and it looks like the best way to get my place, is start building again. Unbelievable how small is our market and how weird are the prices. Sometimes I think that our people had lost all the common sense and only hysteria, solidly mixed with madness, had left. If I asked from one seller, why the price is so high (it was ca 20-25 per cent higher than our "normally reasonable" tax), she said: "Because I know you can pay that and if you won't for some reason, I'm waisting my time." Well, so she did.

Winter. Snow comes and goes, like always here. At the moment it is white outside and I can hear kids under my window arguing loudly about Santa's coming.

Winter means also a lot of ice on streets and Saturday I felt this on my own skin when I proudly made a pirouette near my car and found myself sitting on the street. Sadly there was no figure skating judges, so I wasn't awarded for my olympic spin.

Basically I don't like winter, only sometimes when I'm in very kind mood, I can find some aspects of this season acceptable. And however winter still is much better than autumn, I always wish to spent these months somewhere in warmth and sunshine.

I bought a CD-writer last week and my brother was so impatient to make his own CD from old cassettes that he didn't had the time to read properly "Help"-file and the result was CD with only one song. I laughed that he's very good in making singles...

I got another request to write about my intimate life, not "to prattle about birds and butterflies". I have to confess that I needed my good old dictionary to understand the word "prattle". So, my dear readers, you need filthy details about my lovelife?? Well...

For a while I've been single and on my own. One reason is the lack of time, one the fact that usually I need somebody to push me to move and living in small place won't help either. I might be discontented but I like to live where I live and I like to have the small circle of great people around me. And I like to have my space. Sure I'm missing greatest love of my life and although there's also some new possibilities on the air but as nothing's confirmed, I prefer to wait with other details.

I have the Net, I have you, my dear readers, plus even more people who never readed these Weekly notes but share my enthusiasm and love against old pictures. In fact I didn't believed six months ago that Internet could be a place for real feelings, now I can say that it might be. Yes, you should be careful because of many weirdos out there and remember that all what glitters, is not gold. But if you're lucky, anything is possible. I know persons who found their love via Net and I am happy for them. I still do believe that people are basically good and I understand that all I'm doing now, is nothing but "prattling about birds and butterflies". So what?

Falling in love lately? Yes, three weeks ago, with Adam Cooper.

My sex-life? Occasional but safe. Illustrations not available.

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