09 november 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 01/11/99 - 07/11/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 01/11/99 - 07/11/99.

I've got shopping fever from my friend. So I continued purchasing more new CD-s, 6 ones this week. I really should be more responsible but that Christmas mania is right over the corner and I'll probably try to keep this away from myself. I don't think, it will visit me if my pockets are empty.

I decided that I should find a new apartment for myself, the one I'm living in, is definitely too small. So I spent an afternoon, calling to different real estate companies but results are far from rational.

In my depression of last week I felt myself like living in the age of unreason... Now I have to say that great people are still here, in this world, holding our hands, covering our mistakes, watching our backs and giving us hope. As Timothy wrote to me in his very nice letter: "You are not alone."

Not alone but melancholic nevertheless. All you who have Marillion's latest, Marillion.com, put it in your CD-player and play last track, "House". If I could live in one song, then this would be my choice right now.

This week is actually a sign for me, now it's six months I've been continuously writing this diary. New personal record.

Last but not least. I got a parcel from Spain. Jon, Swedish guy who I never met, living in Barcelona, sent me a small Lladro porcelain figurine, boy in a airplane. Very beautiful! And I have no idea what I should send to Jon...

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