16 november 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 08/11/99 - 14/11/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 08/11/99 - 14/11/99.

As somebody said: "Normal everyday stuff. Waking, eating, driving, working, eating, driving, sleeping." Maybe normal but boring, really!

Monday I tried to decide, are the apartments which are on real estate market here, worth those millions of pennies they ask for them, or not? So for example I "visited" one small flat. Fifth floor in the house which was builded some fifteen years ago and is in awful condition. Flat itself was a tiny one (40 sq.m.) with two rooms, kitchen and bath but it needs so much work (including replacing large parts of roof because this flat's ceiling is actually the roof of the house) that in the end it will cost at least triple the price they ask for this place, called solemnly "apartment". And that stink...

Thursday I was shortly on farewell-party of my friend's friend's girlfriend, so basically perfect stranger for her but as she's moving to New Zealand for a while and champagne was (exactly as Churchill once said) dry and free, I enjoyed those nice couple of hours.

Whole week I fought with temptations and result is that I didn't bought any more CD-s. Should I be proud of myself now?

Saturday I found out again that I need badly some more catalogues and it looks like I do have to spend my hard-earned pennies for those expensive books.

And Sunday morning, when I woke up, it was snow outside... So winter is here again.

2 kommentaari:

Mari Maripuu ütles ...

I didn't bought any
peaks olema I didn't buy :)

Otsisin optilise kunsti kohta netist materjale, homseks vaja üks üllitis teha. Sinu postitus on google.com otsingus 4. :D

ancientboy ütles ...

Uh! Tegelikult läheb see ingliskeelne osa siia üles täpselt sellisena, nagu ta 10 aasta eest kirja sai pandud. Ka kirjapildilt. Kuigi edaspidi ma ilmselt tsenseerin osa lõike välja aga see on tulevikumuusika. :)

Kummalisel kombel on google mind päris mitmel korral üsna otsingulistide etteotsa toppinud, nüüd siis lisandus veel üks fragment sellesse suurde ja arusaamatusse puslesse.

Aga muidu on rõõm kuulda, et sa ikka usinalt õppepõldu edasi künnad. Mitte nagu mõni teine, kes peale pooltteist kuud rasket kooliaega juba kuuldavasti akadeemilise oli võtnud. :)