05 aprill 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 27/03/00 - 02/04/00

week 13
27/03/2000 - 02/04/2000.

Another long week-end in Tallinn with K.. From Thursday to Monday. And I came home just for few days before we start our weekly trip to Prague and Vienna on Saturday morning. I'm probably not a bad customer for our public transportation companies but they won't give me any discounts at all.

Work, fun, shopping, changing hair-colour, making love and enjoying Thai food - those were the basic activities from last week. Friday we decided to go and give a try to new menu of "Siam", one of Thai restaurants in Tallinn and it was a nice experience. However K. (and honestly me too) couldn't understand, why Thai restaurant should locate on two underground levels, why some, heavily advertised foods from menu, close to their front-door, were actually missing and where were all the cute Thai boys (in fact, there were no Thai girls too), the food was delicious. Plus it's actually a possibility to have pretty cheap and exotic dinner. So for example when you choose menu of the day then you'll got five courses for only about eight dollars which is pretty cheap in Estonia for such food. The weird situation here is that all worldwide traditionally cheap cuisines (Chinese, Thai etc) are one of most expensive ones in Estonia...

Changing hair-colour was another topic of that weekend. When I was just waiting for more Spring and sun before bleaching my hair to sun-blonde again, then the idea was new for K. but in the end (after watching me doing this for myself the night before and inspecting the results on next day) he let me color his hair too. For a first time in his life, as I understood. To "light sand blonde" as it was written on the box. But as he's having such a short haircut, so even his own sisters, when they all met first time after that, couldn't notice that there's something different with his hair. :)

Three new levels of Stockmann, Finnish department store in Tallinn were opened and my first impression was "Damn expensive!" So for example, we bought some condoms from drug-store on the fifth floor, they had no price-labels visible and in the end we paid about 1,5 times more than the regular price of these condoms in any other drug-store in Estonia. So be warned!

We discussed also about an intriguing idea. As cafe on Stockmann's top floor in Helsinki, Finland is noted in gay-guides as "cruising area" (and yes, there you can definitely find queer people), we thought that how about Stockmann in Tallinn? Would this "cafe tradition" come over to Estonia too? Time will show.

VCR did tricks one night. It showed us the picture only when K. took this and hold it on his lap, otherwise it simply turned itself off. Hundreds of times, I think. But everything was okay with that machine when it sat on my man's lap. The VCR probably missed the human touch so much that night...

So I'm leaving home on Thursday or Friday and should be back sometimes on 16th April. Which means that here will be no update of Weekly notes before two weeks.

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