25 aprill 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 17/04/00 - 23/04/00

week 15
17/04/2000 - 23/04/2000.

It was funny to be back after such a long drive. Or more correctly, after so many places. So basically we were whirlpooling through the space and time, discovering not more than only fragments of life around us. So many experiences, so many memories. The results are that I want to go back. To go back and try to put these fragments in my mind into their right places in that zillion-pieces-puzzle. Back to Prague, Salzburg and Vienna and spend at least whole week in every town. And when this trip is over, then I want to follow my discoveries in the world. Anybody knows where the money-ships are sailing??

This week has been a weird one because I've met so many people I know but hadn't seen for a long time, including two old friends who are living outside of Estonia for years. We were planning some sort of reunion party (just to give a good explanation to our drinking night) but this thing didn't happened as on Friday one guy had quickly move back to Stockholm where his wife gave birth to their first daughter. Almost three weeks before time but as I understood, everything is okay with The Easter Girl (as the parents call her) and mother.

During Easter the weather was just wonderful and warm, so first portions of tourists had a nice time and liked the Spring here very much. Also the town was full of our own cuties with well-trained bodies, covered only with T-shirts and short pants. Many guys enjoyed their bicycles and some were skating. Pure pleasure for eyes.

But talking about the Easter... I have mixed feeling about that. From one side it should be the time of joy, from other side I have my personal reason to feel opposite. Three years ago I buried my grand-grand auntie, probably the most important person in my whole life. It was also a warm day then and I remember when the funeral ceremony at cemetary was just finished, a very early yellow butterfly flew over the grave. Was this some sort of sign? I don't know. But on same month of same year (April 1997) Marillion gave to world the song "Estonia" where h sang:

No one leaves you
When you live in their heart and mind
And no one dies
They just move to the other side

When we’re gone...
Watch the world simply carry on
We live on laughing and in no pain
We’ll stay and be happy
With those who have loved us today

I want to believe that these words are right.

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