10 aprill 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 03/04/00 - 09/04/00

week 14
03/04/2000 - 09/04/2000.

Beginning of week was nice and lazy but when I left my town on Thursday, whole carousel of undone things was going round. So much of last minute problems. Whole thing wasn't better in Tallinn where K. forgot (as we realised during next week) to do some things and we both forgot to bring many necessary items with us. Nevertheless we started our trip on Saturday morning with 7 bags, large cardboard box and a lot of food, books and everything. Like we're moving away for six years at least.

About trip itself will be another story in Travel stories section*, as soon as I will get my photos done and text written. Shortly, the trip was just excellent, with visits to Prague, Salzburg and Vienna. It was only too short...

But before Saturday K. still had some work to do and so I drove with him on Friday night to one nice small manor close to Tallinn where my man had a lecture to do. So he did. Brilliantly! I just can't stop wondering how some people have so much power over their audience that moving small finger is enough to manipulate with minds of crowd. I would like to have that gift too.

* This story actually never saw the light of day...

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