10 märts 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 28/02/00 - 05/03/00

week 9
28/02/2000 - 05/03/2000.

Now the winter came... At last it seems that Weatherlords somewhere up there have been totally drunk during all the last months, woke up only few days ago with a terrible hangover and to their horror discovered that all the boxes are still full of snow. So in panic they threw it all overboard and now their ship can sail in peace. But we, the people down here, have to deal with that snow, water, wind and storms.

Last week, after endless paperworks, our renovated house was called finished (however we still have some minor works to do there) by selection of high officials from town council and in our "Yumbo" (the name, given by K.; probably because it's actually the smallest building in our old town :-) a shop was officially open. Shoes, boots, clocks and watches. Funny combination but who cares as long as they're paying rent. :)

Had yesterday weird argument with one of my customer. When she discovered that I have a painting (oil on wood) for sale which cost about ten times more than another, she declared that I definitely should have had some mess with prices because oil painting on canvas IS much more valuable than oil painting on wood. I have to say that this was such a new point of view for me that I was speechless for a while. Luckily, after some fifteen minutes of stupid argumentations, I was saved by idea to serve Leonardo's "Mona Lisa" as an example and to my big relief she knew too that "Gioconda" is painted on wood and this fact made her thinking. Of course she didn't declared her mistake in public but then the phone rang (guess who? :-) and she left, taking her husband (who was bored to death) with her.

It has been a week of patience and I can now honestly say, I'm not good at this anymore, not at all. I had to be patient for more than one reason but the worst was being away from K. Everyday phonecalls are definitely not the same as / ... khmmm... watchdogs of morality had delete something from here again... / and I have still four nights to wait before I'll go to Tallinn for a while. Pure Hitchcock!

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