22 märts 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 13/03/00 - 19/03/00

week 11
13/03/2000 - 19/03/2000.

Just after renovating of one house was completed we probably didn't got enough this madness and decided that we do need to change the roof on another house of ours too, so my bro sealed a contract with company who offered the best price with guarantees for their work and if anything goes smoothly, then after ten days we have another brandnew roof.

Spring is officially here now. The arriving of it itself was actually pretty romantic for me as at that moment I sat with K. in restaurant at Pärnu's Rannahotell and enjoyed my breakfast. There were only two of us in the large room, full of comfortable chairs and coffee-tables and at the exact moment the sun came out from behind the couds. Magical moment.

So I spent the week-end (and almost all Monday too, that's why I'm late again with my diary update and I apologise for that!) in Pärnu, the "summer-capital of Estonia". We had a wonderful room in one of the most beautiful buildings from 1930's, Rannahotell (Beach Hotel). This hotel is located right on the famous beach of Pärnu and however the sea was covered with ice and snow, we saw from our window and balcony the beach-life. Lots and lots of fishermen. Personally I see this as another form of madness because I can't understand why normal people will sit hours on ice, will feel the cold and then come back only because it's becoming dark outside, grumpy and drunk, having nothing in their bags...

But back to Rannahotell. It's now a part of Scandic Hotels and after three days there I can say, it's definitely not only very nice but also a gay-friendly place. Something which is not very common here. We didn't bothered ourselves with another hide-and-seek, so I believe, every single staff-member who saw us, knew about the situation but was very friendly and helpful. We wanted a room with large bed, we got it (as said, this was the largest of "regular" rooms, with individual balcony and nice view to park and sea), we landed in restaurant only thirty minutes before closing and we still got warm food (BTW, there's one damn cute and sexy barman, Andero!), we almost got a chance to keep our room for additional 6 hours after check-out on Monday for free but in the end we still left the hotel at noon. We left, only to start making plans for our next visit in future.

One more interesting adventure happened on my way back to home. K. had left from Pärnu to Tallinn twenty minutes before "my" bus arrived and however it was emty (to my big suprise, not a single person!), at last few more people came and so in the end there was a driver, me, two older men, one lady and one young guy who sat close to me on the back of bus. And then, ca 50 kilometres from my town, old men and lady left the bus, so only we two were left in the bus, covered with darkness of night. One moment his leg was "accidentally" pushing my body and I answered with some moves. Next forty minutes was pure lust, it could be called leg-play. I felt the warmth and strength of his muscles, I felt his scent but he never used his hands and also kept looking straight forward, it was like two different parts of him: legs trying to find some fun, his upper body and mind trying to solve some important but boring problem... So it went on until we arrived to bus-station, then he took his bag and literally ran away from what he had done for more than half an hour. It was weird and it was definitely queer. And I enjoyed that. :)

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