14 märts 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 06/03/00 - 12/03/00

week 10
06/03/2000 - 12/03/2000.

"A week - there's nothing more to say..."

Okay, that was actually a great suggestion from K. and I thought seriously that it will be all I'll write about that week but then... well, I decided to add few more lines.

Until Thursday there's really nothing to say. Then I drove to Tallinn, at last, and first thing I saw from bus-window, was my man, standing and waiting for me. Damn, how I wanted to kiss him but had to hold myself back all the way to our apartment, our home for next 4 days. In the end I believe, during these days and nights we spent more hours without clothes than dressed... The climate in that apartment was simply so hot and we also had some gymnastics to do, the one which people mostly do naked.

Friday and Saturday it was second-ever "sex-exhibition" in Tallinn, called officially "Sexpeditsioon 2000". So we paid a visit on Friday and that was a huge disappointment, with few brighter moments like small gallery of works by Tom of Finland and ten-minute show of two cute male dancers who were called "strippers" without any reason, or, if there still was a reason, then they really stripped off their shirts... Nevertheless, even with their pants on, these two were gorgeous. And then there was another boring "pants off" show (idea, stealed from "Full Monty" movie) with four drunk Finnish men, one with broken leg or something (his leg was in plaster anyway), two fat guys and one with "boy-next-door-look". So they did a "show" where the main idea was not fall off from stage (because of vodka in their bodies) and flash with their dicks for a second. Do they really call such exhibition sexy???

Sunday we (K. and me) walked on the town and in one building noticed one damn hot security guy. His pose, look and speech were so provocative that we both probably were ready to give a lot to spend some good time with that guy. Sadly he was in service.

And then I had to leave K. again. For only 5 days this time (because next week-end we'll hope to enjoy our life in Pärnu) but I began missing him almost immediately as I sat into the bus. So we phoned to each other during my drive millions of times and earned cash into the pockets of fat cats from Estonian Mobile Phone.

What else? Work with another website project began (there's nothing to publish yet), I fixed one dead link in my page (thanks & credits to K.!), and some questions were answered online.

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