07 juuni 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 31/05/99 - 06/06/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 31/05/99 - 06/06/99.

The main slogan for this week could be: "Circus came to town!". As the first summer month had started, different attractions are on the road. So for example Tivoli is driving around Estonian cities, probably all Estonian musicians had polished their instruments and are desperately running for every single penny. This craziness will last for following three months and then winter comes. Yes, in Estonia (except Tallinn and Tartu) we have only two seasons: summer from June to August and winter from September to May. Nothing happens on winter and far too much is happening on summer.

My friend (the one who had criminal visitors) had a nice little talk with policeman and the main idea of this conversation was that there's not much police can do but if he (my friend) will somewhere see his property or will find out who the thieves were, then it would be nice to give that information to the police too and they will then probably do something... Probably! So I won't never see my CD-s again and he had lost his old jeans forever. Not to mention other things.

I forgot in my last week's Eurovision story that Estonian song was on the sixth place! Plus, the best stage lightning was during our song. The song which I like and am proud of. As you can see, I am really an unpretentious man.

A strange week. I received five webspace offerings from managers of different paid sites. Five within one week! From the one side it's a big temptation, to make money with my own work, from the other hand, I personally don't like most paid sites, especially the hidden ones from where millions of commercial windows will pop up. And anyway I don't have enough time in the following three or four months. But one thing is sure. If I ever will decide to create something for a paid site, Ancientboy's page will stay as it is, a free place. That's a promise.

Eesti-Gay@blakout.net - a mailing list for Estonian Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgendered People is in death-like lethargy. List with 200+ members will usually receive one message in week! I don't know, perhaps they think that sending a message into the mailing list is a crime or something. Anyway, this week small discussion about the whole idea of list started and looks like nobody wants to be a listmaster. I am thinking, perhaps I should try...

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