28 juuni 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 21/06/99 - 27/06/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 21/06/99 - 27/06/99.

As 23rd and 24th June are the biggest summer-season holidays in Estonia, it was an endless party. "Jaanipaev" (could be translated something like "the day of John") is the time of the year when Estonians burn a giant flares all over the land and drink until image falls to their pockets...

Anyway, I'm not a big fan of vodka's overdose but it's a good time when you're interested about watching the people, their reactions and inner dirtiness. And however I usually visit one of these party-places each year, this time it was different. I had agreed to meet one guy with whom we exchanged some e-mails earlier and so I was pretty excited and nervous. Who wouldn't? So, there I sat on the rock, watching at first the minutes going by, then hours and some century later suddenly my phone beeped. It was him declaring that he's still about 100 miles away and probably (!) won't arrive this day at all.

Of course also next day passed by without his arrival.

My auntie called me and said that she's coming to spend her this year's vacation in our landhouse, so she'd bought tickets for 29th. Which means that next two weeks we will have more grill-parties with mountains of grated carrot and rivers of Spanish wine. And evenings, filled with funniest stories ever heard. Guaranteed!

On saturday I had to delete from my Inbox again three stupid letters about Armageddon on July 19th. I think I've received similar things more than 20. Geez, do some people really believe this crap??

Also on saturday I got another e-mail with excuses from the guy (he had asked me twice not to mention his name here, so I won't) who should had to be my date on wednesday... Personally I think his courage just gave up but I can understand him, it's not so easy to be out in small towns, and whole Estonia is actually one big small town.

Oh and before I forgot, I bought Boyzone's last album, "By request". They do have couple of beautiful songs.

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