21 juuni 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 14/06/99 - 20/06/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 14/06/99 - 20/06/99.

Week of disasters. However these were funny.

One guy with whom we were classmates some fifteen (is it really so far history?) years ago, had found my site and decided to come and say hello. So one thing followed to another and suddenly we were sitting on the bed in his small apartment. We shared our memories, talked about cars, politics, sex and gay lifestyle. Everything was just perfect and when I started to feel myself very comfortably in his bed (after finishing large bottle of Cinzano), I was curious about next step. So I asked myself, what will happen and then, in the middle of speech about gay sex technics, he declared that it's time to sleep. And if I want to stay, I can sleep on the floor...

Three days later my (ex-?)boyfriend who had decided to spend short vacation alone and think about "things", missed the bus to Tallinn (I couldn't imagine him missing anything but that's another story) and asked my help to catch the bus. We were successful but it was really a strange ride, as he's still angry, he didn't spoke with me at all except unavoidable short words.

I discovered that I can't buy more CD-s because I simply have no more room for these. Perhaps I should rent a garage or something?

Boyzone's cutie Stephen Gately came out and he deserves all my respect for his courage. I am wondering when (if ever?) some Estonian pocket-star will be brave enough to declare publicly that he's gay?

I had to cancel my trip to Amsterdam and Paris in August because they changed the time-schedule which isn't okay for me. So here I am, with no plans for vacation; I had had some discussions about an idea of car-trip in North-Sweden with one of my friend but it's too many open ends yet.

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