14 juuni 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 07/06/99 - 13/06/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 07/06/99 - 13/06/99.

"Waterloo" - this word describes the mood of this week. After months of secret underground partisan war I got the physical proofs about unethical and unacceptable behaviour of one business competitor of mine and now the battle is open. And I am sure that in the result we will both lose something and win nothing. Stupidness.

I've been asked to write more stories of my (not so) well-hidden private life. Okay. A major controversy between me and my boyfriend happened again. It's actually my fault because I just couldn't concentrate enough to his worries. Whole thing started as a small misunderstanding but ended with another fight. Looks like this (the relationship) can not work and I feel really sorry about it.

Another fight with bureaucrats continued. And however I had some progress, it is very likely that when things will move with same speed as now, I won't start the actual renovating before five years.

From the brighter side of life, amongst others I received a lot of e-mails from cute and talented guy from Sweden (Hi, Sven!) and however his name is so typical for Scandinavian man, his high-quality work is another story. The high discipline and outstanding methods of expressions in his black and white photos are faboulous. Sadly he didn't gave me permission to put some of his works online but I hope he will change his mind soon.

Another End-of-Millennium-Top was compiled in America (where else?): 100 greatest gay novels of all time. It was nice to see that 3 books from my personal Top 5 were in All-Time-Top-Twenty but I can't understand the judges' logic, why the hell is 'Moby-Dick' (by Herman Melville) on 64th place?? Perhaps I didn't catch anything but was Moby-Dick really a gay character??

Oh, and before I forgot, now when the summer is officially open here, beach is full of people and ice-cream is the bestseller, I should thank in public two great girls, Katrin and Monika, who helped me through a pretty piquant situation. So thank you both and remember, you asked for it yourselves ;)

Yes, last week was definitely the Waterloo, however I don't know who was actually playing the role of Napoleon.

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