13 detsember 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 06/12/99 - 12/12/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 06/12/99 - 12/12/99.

I thought whole Sunday what is the essence of last week, what's so important that I simply have to write about it in my diary...

Because nothing extraordinary happened. I didn't fell in love (however I hope, he's somewhere close :-), didn't won on lottery (however I really could use any amount of money), heck, I even didn't saved the world last week.

Half of Monday I spent with learning the spirit of my brandnew mobile phone (cheap Ericsson this time) because it was bit different from logic of my old Nokia and however the difference wasn't big, it could be pretty confusing sometimes.

Tuesday I ordered some Christmas gifts from online shop and next day I had to tell to my brother that he shouldn't buy Sarah Brightman's "Dive" album because I already bought it... I never saw in our town any Sarah's CD-s for sale before but here it was, fresh and shiny. So much of surprises!

Friday I did something which may be classified as pure stupidity. I had a serious verbal fight with one of my best friends, so I gave him opportunity to say very seriously insulting things and however I am still angry (don't know actually, more on him or more on myself) I really hope that this wasn't the beginning of end. Our friendship has last for more than 25 years and it's something which I don't want to lose, no matter what. But yes, that's the deepest crisis in our relationship.

Saturday? Saturday I was angry, pissed off and in the end I had to go and open the shops twice because of some customers from United States. Which actually wasn't bad, because it gave me time to be away from my own thoughts.

And as said in the beginning, whole Sunday I was thinking...

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