28 detsember 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 20/12/99 - 26/12/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 20/12/99 - 26/12/99.

Cherchez la femme... Before Christmas we had another session of talk between me and my almost ex best friend to find a way out from our dead end relationship. I'm glad to say that we agreed to listen each other in future before getting mad and starting to bark anything which may hurt the other. And after a hour of talk (and bottle of Merlot') he said that it was his wife who had told nasty things about me. For some reason he believed her. I keep on wondering why a person who had met me only about ten times on strictly social meetings and living less than 3 years in our town, why she should tell such lies, why she should have loathsome fantasies about things which had never happened and never will happen? Anyway, I should have been wiser.

I have to apologise. I had promised to put new galleries up to Christmas and I remember that but couldn't finish this stuff. And however I have still uploaded a "secret" gallery (actually a test for new layout which address was sent to some of you weeks ago) with few new pictures (URL is http://members.xoom.com/ancientboy/sport/gallery5.html*), any other work is yet not done. Sorry for the early promises!

I changed the counter on my main page at last. When my previous one (LinkExchange - don't try this at home!) had showed within two weeks very strange and wrong numbers (of course it's only then if it showed some numbers at all!), I get angry and made a new choice. Something which I should have been done ages ago.

And then Christmas of course. Actually Christmas and whole end of year is not my party, I don't like this time of year at all because I always get another depression. It's probably my own fault (as Pierre says: "You made it happen.") but I'm very good at it.

Last days before Christmas were real madness but at least our shops were good this time, I got almost everything I needed (well, my wishes were also not very specific) and nobody told me that they don't have this or that anymore. Professionals.

What else? Gifts to people who are around me, remembrance candles to graves of friends and relatives, departed from this life, delicious Christmas supper with my family... A routine actually.

This year was in some ways different though. Never before I'd received so many gifts from people whom I never met in person. Special thanks goes to (in alphabetical order): Chris, Cristiano, Jon, Kalju, Martin and Pierre! But also I want to thank all of you who have been reading my pages, sent me comments and ideas, wrote me about funny and sad things. You're the best! And Internet is the real thing.
* as of December 2009, this link is obviously not working anymore

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