20 detsember 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 13/12/99 - 19/12/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 13/12/99 - 19/12/99.

The background for whole week was Uuno Millennium Top 2000, voted by the people of Estonia and all 2000 songs/tracks/musical-pieces/whatever were played by four DJ-s in Radio Uuno during 6 days (and nights), 10 hours, 27 minutes and 28 seconds, starting from Monday's noon. Pretty ecclectic selection indeed, from Beethoven to Madonna, from anthems of USA and Soviet Union (sic!) to Pink Floyd. New record, good for Guinness.

Week itself was filled with typical boring pre-Christmas rush: shopping, hunting for some less common products, fighting with wind and flying hats on the streets (yes, we had again the storm, electricity blackouts and ferries, hiding in harbours) and clearing my relationships with friend (see last week).

We agreed that we both crossed the line, that he's not that freaky kind of person as I said and I'm not the monster as he told. So we're "having a moment" between us right now. Neutral one.

In fact there was also many brighter moments during last week. So for example Saturday I found a puppy, shivering with cold in the freezing snow next to the entrance of my shop. I bring him in and thankfully he was in good shape, so soon he began to explore the backroom and about the same moment as he crashed something there, a little girl from neighbour house ran in and asked me, haven't I seen her puppy. She had been looking for him more than hour...

Plus e-mails and phone calls (hi Kalju! :-) from different corners of the world, giving so needed glamourous glitter to everyday's routine. Thanks guys and gals!

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