30 august 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 23/08/99 - 29/08/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 23/08/99 - 29/08/99.

Monday was like a bad dream. It started with surprise in the wreck of house (which will cost me additionally about $1400), then I heard that my friend's friend (whom I know too) have tumor in his brain, then I hurted my leg pretty badly and in the end I had to deal with a nice person from one private company who by government was given the right to control one specific field of businesses and he decided that we're breaking the law...

Otherwise routine continued. Tuesday a parcel with catalogs of glass arrived and I discovered that they sent me wrong books, not the ones I ordered.

On Friday my brother was in Tallinn, trying to find solution to that breaking-the-law-thing. Possibly we'll got our temporary licence on next Thursday. The most interesting thing is of course, that nothing will change in our practice, except that this private company will start getting each year a nice little money transfer to their account for one sheet of paper. Officially legal racketing, I say.

Saturday a cute guy came into my working place, waited until we two were alone in room (it took ages, meanwhile I began to think, he's trying to steal something), watched at me for a while and then asked: "You're ancientboy, right? Can I sleep with you?". Straight shot. And I was speechless.

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