16 august 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 09/08/99 - 15/08/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 09/08/99 - 15/08/99.

I need more time. I just discovered that 24 hours in a day is not much, I think I want 40 or so hours...

Whole week (and previous and previous and...) was like on the caroussel - the world is turning round and round, faster and faster and so I can see only a small fragments from this crazy world. And I have to put these together, using my better knowledges. So I do but probably in wrong way because the feeling of sickness goes even stronger.

So, the world survived another fatal day, sun was gone for two minutes, came then surprisingly back and nothing happened, exactly as I had said. Am I now magician?

Renovating of the old house (see some more info about that somewhere below) at last started. Actually demolishing at first. If we're lucky, we can use the main constructions so it would be much easier to destroy whole thing and start from the foundation, but as half of this house is builded more than 200 years ago, destroying something is excluded. I already feel whole thing's becoming a nightmare. Thank heaven I know a man who's job is to fight against nightmares. (Hi, Pierre!)

Met another Estonian guy who found me through this site. He's young Eros himself but his behaviour is unacceptable. In some ways he remains me young Rimbaud, especially the screen-version of this genius, played by Leonardo... But I think, he will never say "Writing has changed me." just because he don't write, he's playing with souls. And he don't want to change. Sadly. But I still have hope, for his own sake.

On Saturday I suddenly found myself walking on the streets and buying a drink from every bar-pub-cafe-whatever which crossed my way. So in the result I was pretty drunk and when I met one of my schoolmates (who was drunk too) we had a major .... err.... difference of opinion. Something about who can sleep with who and so on... So one beerglass was broken and I had to pay for that although this wasn't my fault at all.

Yes, very eclectic week it was indeed.

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