11 august 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 02/08/99 - 08/08/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 02/08/99 - 08/08/99.

So here I am, late for few days with this update. Here I am, tired and pretty happy because anything was just excellent, almost every small piece from this giant's jigsaw, we were trying to put together during past month, found its right place. Weather was nice and people had huge interest about this event, actually even much more than last year. So next year is possible, however it needs a lot of thinking from our side.

Another hysteria of Armageddon is going on: Grand Cross, Day of Destiny. Personally I don't believe in tragedies, told us by fortunetellers, with the leading role of Nostradamus. But we have less than 48 hours left before another deadline (could anybody remember, how many deadlines manhood had had?), so let's see...

Biggest happening in our family was my mother's flowering cactus. She had had cactuses for almost 30 years and never before any of these had flowers. Never. It was actually funny to see big red and white blossom, twice as long as cactus itself, wondering at brave new world... Sadly this beauty was gone after just day and half.

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