05 oktoober 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 27/09/99 - 03/10/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 27/09/99 - 03/10/99.

Tuesday night I was sitting in pub with Aleks and we had just finished our beers (it was fourth round, I believe) when he saw a platinum blonde girl stepping into the pub. He had always been crazy about Marilyn Monroe (he once told me that he have in his Amsterdam apartment two pics of her from Andy Warhol's serie and when "Some like it hot" - the only Marilyn movie which was shown here on Soviet time - was in our cinemas some 20 years ago, he lived there, sitting on every single show) and however this girl wasn't exactly the reincarnation of Marilyn, hair-colour was everything Aleks needed to turn himself up. So, after a little mess the girl was in our table and after more hour, they were cuddling like lovebirds and I started feel myself extremely bored. It was a time for change indeed and then everything changed. Young man entered the room and decided that he's that girl's boyfriend and have to fight for her (long lost) virginity. So he just walked to us and hit Aleks... To make long story short, the result was a proper fight between them, runaway girl, Aleks' black eye, other guy's bloody shirt and my lost purse. Which was luckily found next day, without cash of course.

So, it was second time with Aleks in pub and result was my not so good reputation, stolen 1500 krooni (ca 100 dollars) and nothing which could be called satisfaction. Nevertheless we decided to go out on Friday again. So we choosed another bar and nothing interesting happened until we ordered pasta and white wine. After we had drank 3 large beers each. So, waitress bring our wines and that clumsy straight guy did something stupid and result was two broken wine-glasses, wine on our clothes and floor... Needless to say that now I'm not in their Top 5 list of customers either.

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