19 oktoober 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 11/10/99 - 17/10/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 11/10/99 - 17/10/99.

A friend of mine laughed this week that now I'm officially old... Anyway, I want to thank you all who sent me sincere birthday greetings and promise to answer to all of you personally, even if it needs some time. Well, older men just need some more time to deal with things!

I didn't had "normal" birthday party this year (where all the people come into your apartment and next midday you'll find your fridge empty and trash everywhere) but all this action happened in many places within two days and I have to say that this, a bit chaotic party, was much more interesting.

Some unholy men (or women?) sent me a weird e-mail where they promised to save my soul and heal me from homosexuality and all this for free. They have an universal and excellent cure for this - Holy Bible and faith! Christ, I always thought that Estonia is too small for that kind of lunatics but looks like I was wrong.

This week I found 4 more (different and heavy!) advertising catalogues from foreign companies in my mail-box, looks like somebody had added me to some list of potential customers. But I don't mind because I can always give them away, so for example Disneyland's winter season program is very popular among my friend's kids.

First signs of upcoming Christmas season are here and it looks like this year it will be real asylum because it's not only the Christmas but also Y2K hysteria. Everything is covered with 2000: chocolate, matchboxes, champagne glasses, hats... I've already seen young man (cute one, BTW) who have green 2000 in his blonde hair. Real madness.

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