29 mai 2008

Eestis nagu Ühendriikides

Tsitaat ühest eilsest lombitagusest kommentaariumist, mis algselt lahkas hoopis küsimust teemal "Kas õigused tarkvara kasutamisele ikka erinevad teistest intellektuaalse omandi (nt. raamatud, filmid jne) vormidest?" :

"If you want something done in Congress, and you're a large company - simple - buy a congressma​n (we have the best congress that Money can Buy. think Judges aren't for sale? I'm sure that some are.)

If you're an individual​, go to court (which also takes lots of money).

My Conclusion​? if you're an 'ordinary' person, its a lot harder to get judges and congressmen to do the right thing (bridge to nowhere, yes, you 'can spam', and millions more). They don't call it porkbarrel spending for nothing.

This country is already a lost cause. Too much has happened to take the power away from the people. Land "ownership"​ anyone? Try not paying your "lets still be friends" land tax to the government - and see how long you "own" it. You're renting it... pure and simple. Own a large farm? Unless you set aside a large petty cash fund to pay the taxes on it, your kids will have to sell it just to pay the inheritanc​e taxes.

This is the land of the setting sun, the land of the once was. All of our 'inventions' and wal-mart products are made by chinese laborers. The next "world war" will reveal that "americans"​ don't have the stomach for anything that lasts more than a week, and that as long as we have our microwaves​, remote control tvs, we don't care what happens elsewhere."

Millegipärast tuleb see kõik hirmus tuttav ette. Vahetame paar sõna (Kongressist saagu Riigikogu, WalMart'ist kasvõi Maksimarket ning ameeriklastest eestlased) ja tulebki hea kodune tunne peale. Võimalik muidugi, et just selle nähtuse nimi ongi globaliseerumine.

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