31 mai 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 24/05/99 - 30/05/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 24/05/99 - 30/05/99.

It started with problems. As I bought few weeks ago a small house in old town area and as this building is in horrible condition, I thought that some renovating would be nice for the house and for the city. Well, so I went, happy and carefree, to the officials to get some licences and talk about the whole situation. It was a mistake. Entering their well-guarded bureaucratic wombs is something I don't suggest anyone. One sends to another, then back, nobody knows a thing except that I definitely will need a lot of paper but how to get at least some, remained a great mystery because people who were responsible, said they are not and so on and so on... Circle closed and I felt myself as on the Vanity Fair.

Thieves paid a visit to my friend's apartment when he was away from home. A lot of things, including some of my CD-s, were stolen. They'd took even the plastic bag with a pair of old, dirty and worn out jeans, who could imagine that?

My car surprised me in the middle of week and left me suddenly without brakes, oh boy was I then a bit busy with gear lever and wheel. Thank heaven, it was a lucky accident even if it wasn't that lucky for my purse at last.

I found out that I have a lot of intriguing questions to answer for my Asked questions page. And however I had to make a selection from the questions, which ones I will answer in public (some of the questions I won't upload, were actually answered earlier and some too assaulting), I will answer to every questions you will ever ask, with my private mail. So keep on asking!

Hundreds of millions were prisoners of TV on Saturday night which means that Eurovision Song Contest was "in" again. And as in every good soap opera, last year's scandals (with and about Diva International, the winner of 1998) got a precious follow-up when that same Diva decided to fall when awarding a prize to the new winner. Well, I can understand that lying on the floor is more comfortable for a weak woman (who Diva definitely is - a devil's grin!) than standing but still...

But yes, I am satisfied with the results of the contest. 25 years after ABBA's "Waterloo" is Sweden again on top with the nostalgic clone of classic hit. There was a lot of good songs, mostly excellent artists, funny "postcards" between the songs and best computer graphics in the history of Eurovision.

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