25 oktoober 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 18/10/99 - 24/10/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 18/10/99 - 24/10/99.

Monday I experienced one of the most frightening situations so far. I described it for myself as feeling of death, good friend Pierre said that in better way: when body decides to move without mind. But more likely all this was from depression or stress. And most important, it passed away.

The counter of this site was wrong again. It's sixth time, I had to correct it so far, but I am too lazy to find another one.

I got e-mail where I was informed that some pictures on gallery pages are missing. When I checked, everything looked okay, both via WWW and FTP, so I think that probably it was some temporary mess in systems of Xoom and in some period some parts of pages weren't accessible.

More technical stuff. New, redesigned version (with more pictures!) of Ancient galleries are on my working desk and however I won't give out any dates (because if I do so, I have to worry about these and the result is another mess), I hope to upload these in nearer future. And thanks to everybody who sent me good ideas, thoughts and images! Any feedback is extremely welcomed also in future.

Aleks is now back in Netherlands and I won't see him before next century...

Tuesday night I ordered 4 CD-s from one of Estonian online CD-shop but haven't received these so far (I'm writing this on Tuesday again, 7 days later), so it looks like this is another service that sucks. But we don't have the choice.

Friday again was the top day of the week. I met two of the funniest girls in the world and in exchange for this big laugh I promised to mention them here. So, Katrin and Heidi, you two were unbelievable, especially the underwear and umbrella part!!! And then I got weird unsigned personal e-message which is too good to be true, it is possible that somebody from behind dark curtain of past is coming into the light once again...

So, this week's story was probably too personal and weird but I won't give any more details before I am sure. Because I may be wrong.

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