12 oktoober 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 04/10/99 - 10/10/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 04/10/99 - 10/10/99.

So the last summer of this century is over and it's raining every day. And all the normal people are enjoying last warm weathers before millennium somewhere in South. So my friend with his family is now on Cyprus (and possibly also in Israel and Egypt), another friend will fly to Tenerife next Friday and one man will travel to Florida in first week of November, using my money. My money because he earned this with renovating our house...

This was the week of NetAid. Within 14 years since Live Aid it has been many similar acts but this is the first time when I have had the same feeling as on summer of 1985. So I am very excited to see the TV overview of this giant show next Saturday. Music can change or even save the world indeed!

However I don't like Bono's new song at all...

But I do like new Eurythmics, latest single of Pet Shop Boys (New York City Boy - anybody surprised about that fact?) and actually I need so many new CD-s that I either have to rob the bank or find rich uncle.

Disneyland Paris surprised me with sending me their winter-season brochure. But as the pics are clear and beautiful, I think I like their advertising policy.

Aleks decided to go for short trip too. He's in Russia! As much as I understood, he will visit Novgorod, Moscow and St. Petersburg - all three capitals of Russia from different periods of time. I have been in these all (truth, some 12 years ago) and I like Novgorod most. Moscow is far too big (and also too expensive and dangerous now), same can be said for St. Petersburg but Novgorod is like the essence of Russian best parts. Lovely place and great people.

So I am alone with my Disneyland book and e-mails from everywhere (got one "Hi!"-message from Thailand, BTW) and trying to fix my mind for next week's routine.

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