17 aprill 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 10/04/00 - 16/04/00

week 15
10/04/2000 - 16/04/2000.

This week was spent in Europe. Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and even Germany for few hours. So many countries, a lot of driving, walking and nightlife. As less sleep as possible. Cute boys in Prague and Vienna, nightclubs, gay-saunas and so on... When all this was over, I was totally tired and wanted to sleep, sleep and sleep. So we slept in Tallinn up to noon on Sunday and woke up only because I had to leave Tallinn same night and before that I wanted to re-record some video material we took during our trip.

But as said, more detailed descriptions about our adventures are on the way. Last adventure of that week was Sunday night when I discovered that I missed the bus anyway but K. couldn't agree with me* and so we practically ran in old town of Tallinn (it's mostly up-and-down landscape there) to taxi-stop, got a cab and arrived to bus station even few minutes before it was time to leave.

* Häh! Tegelikult tahtis ta muidugi minust mõneks ajaks lahti saada. :)

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