18 jaanuar 2010

Kümme aastat varem - 10/01/00 - 16/01/00

week 2
10/01/2000 - 16/01/2000.

I'm late again with this entry, it's third time when I'm late, I believe. Days passed by so quickly and I didn't noticed before today (18th January) that I missed the deadline...

Anything else that last week was busy? Actually I've received some e-mails where people want to know what exactly makes me sometimes feel like squirrel in the wheel. Funny thing is that when I sat back and started thinking, to my surprise I found out that it's the regular everyday doings. I can pretty well imagine why modern people don't have time, ever. To illustrate my nice speech, here's the description of my yesterday's actions.

I woke up about 8.30 AM (running my own company and being boss still have some good sides), then at 9 AM I was trying to catch one man by phone and say that I have to cancel our evening's meeting (BTW, it is strictly business contact with that guy, nothing personal), after 15 or so minutes and seven phonecalls to different places I gave up because he seemed to be lost from our planet (he was back around midday when I accidentally met him on our market), then I had another meeting with one old lady who wanted to sell her jewels but sadly these were from fifties-sixties and made from brass with green glass "almonds"... Then at 10.15 I bought a new mattress for my parent's bed but as the store didn't had transport (can you imagine furniture shop which don't have their own cars? you can't? well, then I'm living in the land of all possibilities, just like Alice...) I had to use my own car. With a help of my brother I put this on the roof of my "Moskvitch" but before we could properly fix it, a playful little whirlwind came and second later this new mattress was relaxing on the street. Thankfully it was still in the plastic bag and nothing bad happened... After we transported it to our parent's apartment, a guy from Tallinn phoned and we agreed the last details of our small trip on next week, then I was back in town and few minutes after noon I arrived to my own place, for next hour I replaced my employee (as she went to lunch), then (ca 1.30 PM) I had another short meeting (friend wanted to hear my opinion about the nice large porcelain vase with handpainted dragons, very chinese however it was painted in Estonia circa 65-70 years ago; really a wonderful item from the porcelain history of Estonia and worth every penny he spent) after what I had a quick cup of tea and salad. Now it's 3 PM, I walked home and started to work with my 70+ e-mails (I'm talking here only about my "business" mail), about fifteen needed more specific answers and next 4 hours I was dealing with these. 7.30 PM I took a break, had short walk outside (it was still cold, wet and disgusting, brrr...) and about 9 PM I was back in front of my PC, tapping the keyboard and preparing some items for next day. It was after midnight when I decided to have some fun too and surfed for a hour or so on more intriguing web-pages. I went to bed at 2.15 AM...

So, pretty regular routine of my days and what I did? Nothing!

Last Saturday I actually had one nice suprise though, a friend's boyfriend (they're living in Tartu actually) marched in and declared that I won a bet, the prize was a large bottle of very nice Spanish cava. At first I couldn't remember either the bet or prize but as he explained, we sealed that wager months ago when I told him that we won't have major Y2K crashes in Estonia and he didn't believed that. I had completely forgot this, I'm glad I was the winner because otherwise it would've been little embarassing for me... Anyway we opened the bottle and soon it was empty. Nice time we had, indeed.

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