02 august 2009

Kümme aastat varem - 26/07/99 - 01/08/99

ancientboy's weekly notes. 26/07/99 - 01/08/99.

Speed is the word, connecting the last seven days. If you had seen classic movie with the same title, then you know what I mean. Organizing some bigger event (fair of antiques and collectibles this time) would easily turn to personal nightmare, so I promised to myself (how many times I did this before?) to keep my hands off from any happenings in future except perhaps a dinner for two...

So what I had last week? Negotiations, phone calls, hunt for marquees, tables and chairs, solving customer's problems, refusing the kind offer of another way to spend my pennies on advertising (she was very good this time, it needed twenty minutes my time before she left), and more phone calls...

Thursday night I spent some quality time with my friend and his family in their nice garden. I sat under the apple-tree (which remained me of our old sins), not far from fountain in the centre of his small pond. We actually had the very last grill-party of July with excellent meat, beer and talk. And not so excellent phone calls (again!) to both of us, so in the end we switched our phones off. Poor callers!

Friday something mystical happened. Right in the morning I saw a young cute stranger walking down the street. Nothing unusual you say? Yes, but at first he was wearing T-shirt with small pink triangles and rainbow flag. Never before seen these classic gay-symbols on somebody's clothing here in Estonia. And secondly I met with him more five or six times during the day. Every time in different place.

One sad news for the fans of Ancient galleries. Next update will probably be made in the beginning of September. Sorry!

As you can see, I found at least few time to start with re-designing of my page. Although it's more like forming the original ideas I had, when I started with this page, into reality. In addition I want to say Thanks! to another fan of good design, Texas-guy. Without pressure and funny suggestions from his side it wouldn't happen so fast.

And last but not least. Thanks to you all! For your support, questions and feedback so far. Now I am asking something from you. What do you think, should I add a short Estonian gay-guide to my pages or not??

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